Friday, October 06, 2017

Hello, October!

Again,last week I missed posting anything.  I didn't even put up any Friday Fave Fives.  The reason is that my computer screen LED light died.  My computer works, but I can't see anything on it. [insert sad face emoji]

We have been traveling again this week. But I want to be sure to check in with Friday Fave Fives if I get nothing else posted.

1.  So my first blessing of this week is that I have a new laptop computer.  The Professor checked, used his magic hands, but in the end, he determined that even having a new light installed was not cost effective.  The local computer store had a model I liked, so I got it AND got the sale price for it.

2. I am so thankful for a husband who knows computers, having been a university lecturer in Computer Science for many years.  After we brought home the new computer, he went to work setting everything in order and beginning to move the files over from the old one.  That task is mostly finished now.  It has been interrupted somewhat by our road trip.

3. That's my third blessing.  We drove north from Southern California to Northern (truly Northern) California so The Professor can join some of his classmates for a reunion at his high school in Humboldt County.  (If you don't know where Humboldt County is, think almost to Oregon along the Pacific Ocean Coast. )

4.  Faves Four and Five reflect back to the week before when we spent a week in the mid-Atlantic area (think Washington D.C, Maryland, Delaware, Virginia) on the East Coast of the US visiting with our youngest daughter and her family.  Mostly, we simply enjoyed sharing their daily lives, but we were able to visit a few historical spots like Annapolis and Baltimore inner harbor.  Incidentally, there are excellent independent coffee shops and unique book stores in the area.

5.  We arranged our schedule so we would (almost) be there to celebrate our granddaughter's birthday.  Although it was a few days early, we had dinner and a cake and gave her her gift in person.

Did you notice--no photos?  Yeah, that part of the computer will be set up soon.  I hope.

Happy Weekend!  We will be traveling south, waving at San Francisco...


ellen b said...

Glad you got a new computer and your guy can set it up for you! Happy travels, too.

Wendy said...

How frustrating not be able to see what was on the computer! But great that you could get a new one and have your own personal technician to sort it all out. Hope he gets the photos sorted soon though. Sounds like you must have some lovely photos from all your recent travels and visits.

Barbara H. said...

I am thankful, too, to have family members with computer skills. I'd probably be out a bunch of money paying for help otherwise. Hope you feel at home with your new computer soon. My kids always love new technology, but it always takes me a while to get used to it. Sounds like you had some fun travels, and how neat to be with your granddaughter close to her big day!

Schotzy said...

What would we do without our computer gurus...!!! So much to see of an historical nature here in the mid Atlantic.. you must come again!!!! Virginia has much to offer!!!

Elizabeth Symington said...

That is wonderful you have a new computer and that your files are all safe. Hello from Sacramento! Have a safe drive home to So Cal.

Susan said...

How wonderful to be able to celebrate a birthday in person with your granddaughter.
And hurray on buying a new computer and getting it all set up with the help of someone who knows. That is a relief and a blessing.
I am glad you are home safe and sound. Did you notice any smoke in the air from the Sonoma/Napa fires? I am pretty miserable (asthma) right now.
School reunions are such fun; And made even better when the trip is with someone you want to spend time with.
Have a great week.

Faith said...

Oh Praise GOD for husbands who know computers! (mine is a soft ware developer and I can't imagine my life with out his help on all these gadgets in my house!). So glad you were able to get a new laptop AND on sale!!

I'm glad you got to spend time with your East Coast daughter and grandson and yay for taking another trip. I just heard on our morning news that there are bad wildfires in Northern CA. It makes me sad. :(

Enjoy your time away!!