Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Thanksgiving Hodgepodge

Let us  choose to be thankful!  The last two Hodgepodge questions focus on thankfulness.  Have a great Thanksgiving, all my American friends. (And if you're not American, be thankful with us!)  Join me and others to write about Thanksgiving stuff.  THIS is the link.

                                   From this Side of the Pond

1. It's Thanksgiving week in the US of A so let's talk turkey. And by turkey I mean the elephant in the room because it's still 2020 and our blogs are a record of sorts of the times in which we live.   Do you live in a state (or if you're outside the US, a country) that's instituted restrictions on the size of gatherings in your own home? What do we think about this? (keep it classy folks)

We live in a state where we are required to social distance and wear masks in buildings.  But at this time, there are no more restrictive requirements.  I will say that the numbers are booming in the state, and that's not a good sign of the times.

2. Let's move in a cheerier direction. Will there be corn on your holiday dinner menu? How so? Cornbread-corn pudding-corn chips and dip-cornbread dressing/stuffing-corn chowder-or regular canned, frozen or fresh corn in a bowl...which of the 'corns’ listed is your favorite? 

Probably, there will be chips--corn chips.  That's to keep the kids from being hangry as they wait for dinner.  Me? I enjoy corn (tortilla) chips with green salsa.  My favorite way to eat corn is fresh on-the-cob.

3. What is there a cornucopia of in your home, job, or life currently? 

Cornucopia is a symbol of plenty.  I have plenty of food, clothing, warm blankets and books.  I'm ready for winter!

4. Have you ever quit something (such as a habit, a food, a time-sucker, a relationship) cold turkey? Is there something you need to quit cold turkey? 

About twelve years ago, I quit soda cold turkey.  I read some literature on just how bad it is for you, and I just QUIT.  I haven't had a sip of Pepsi since.   Something I need to quit cold turkey?  Sugar?  I was going to write pumpkin pie, but that's not going to happen until after the weekend.

5. Share a favorite verse, quote, saying, or song lyric relating to gratitude. 

My first thought was HYMNS.  Thanksgiving hymns!  Now Thank We All Our God. By Martin Rinkart (1636)  This is a bit of background to the writing of this wonderful hymn. " Rinkart wrote this song during the horrendous 30 Years' War and was the only clergy left alive in his city of Ellenburg.  Due to the disease and famine in his city, it meant he had to perform 40-50 burials per day.  In the midst of such, he wrote this amazing song of thanksgiving." ( Here is a link so you can listen to it.  CLICK HERE.  And here's another link to a choir singing the same hymn.  CLICK HERE.

6.  Insert your own random thought here. 

Being thankful is a choice.


ellen b. said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you and the Professor and your family!

Gattina said...

Happy Thanksgiving ! We are living in strange times ! I wish it would be over and we can get back to normal life !

Faith said...

Happy THanksgiving! Well NYS is probably the MOST regulated state in the nation regarding Covid19 and I am A OK with that!! Our governor is doing a fantastic job even though many people don't like or appreciate his rules. As for us? Claire decided, wisely to just stay on campus in New HAmpshire. They have the least amount of covid cases anywhere. They are smart people up there! We of course cannot travel to MA unless we want to miss work for 14 days by quarantining so we chose to stay here and cook all the traditional foods (we use buttered frozen corn, squash and peas...the 3 sisters....since Dave's a direct descendant of John Turner from the Mayflower). We also serve mashed potatoes, gravy, turkey stuffed with traditional stuffing. I baked an apple pie and my sister Joy and her son Luke are bringing pumpkin pie and Apple Pie bars. We invited Joy and luke as they both work from home and have been compliant with the regulations unlike some other family members.

We only need to wear masks at work and in stores around here although I wear one on the streets of Saratoga or ALbany as the sidewalks tend to be crowded with tourists.