Friday, November 06, 2020

November is Thankful Month 1

Hello November!  The Thankful month!  But, wait!  Aren't we supposed to give thanks always and always be grateful?  Not just one month of the year.  That's why I work hard to join Friday Fave Fives even if I don't write anything else all week here at Willow's Cottage.  Here are my FFFs for this week.  (Join in by clicking THIS LINK.)

1.  I am a bit late posting my FFF because we drove over to the bureau of motor vehicles to get our new drivers licenses and new car titles and new car registrations.  It's done!  We are now officially residents of our new state.

2.  While we were there at BMV, a problem was found with someone having 'used' my Social Security number.  It was determined that the whole thing was a typographical error where someone mistyped a SSN and didn't amend it properly.  Therefore, our visit to BMV was a lot longer than we expected.  But 

I am thankful for excellent, efficient and cheerful workers and supervisors who fixed the issue. 

3.  This actually happened two  weeks ago, but I didn't mention it then.  A couple we have known since our Older Daughter moved to this are eleven years ago dropped by our home bringing homemade soup and home baked sourdough bread!  It was delicious and helped us so much those first few days!  I am thankful for both the food and the friendship!

4.  We have a lawn mower!  Since we haven't had any grass to mow for more than a decade, we don't own a mower.  However, Older Daughter's renters moved out, she's selling her rental house, and she gave us the mower that was there!  Score!  I'm thankful we didn't have to run out and buy a new mower to mow the lawn ONCE until springtime.

5.  AND.  The weather has been Southern California marvelous here.  Perfect temperatures for doing lawn mowing, a bit of garden clean up and moving things out of the rental house (see #4).

BONUS!  There's always more to be thankful for!  My beloved Daughter-in-law called me this week.  She is so busy being a wife, mom and teacher that when she has time to call and chat, I love that she chooses to call me.  I know mothers-in-law often get a bad rap, but I know this girl loves me  I am so thankful that my son found that girl as his wife!

How has your week been?  I hope you are well and safe! (notice that I didn't mention politics at all???)


Wendy said...

Sounds like a great week. Getting settled in takes time but you seem to be doing well. I think our grass might want one more cut before spring but need a few more dry days first. I've been blessed with my DILs too. You asked about our lockdown - I'm going to post about it. Enjoy the weekend.

Barbara Harper said...

It's so good to get those moving details taken care of, like driver's licenses. Wow, how wonderful to have a meal delivered and get a free lawn mower! I have a wonderful d-i-l, too, and I'm so glad they don't think of me as a negative m-i-l.

ellen b. said...

Sounds like you are settling in well. Hurrah for a lawn mower. Soup and sourdough bread...yum!

Gattina said...

Moving always involves a lot of adminitration work ! Especially when you change State ! I was more lucky because we only changed the street, didn't even move to another town. But still with the addresses ! Good that you got a lawn mower ! We had a robot, that was funny, it mowed the lawn while I watched TV ! Modern times !!

aspiritofsimplicity said...

It sounds like you’re getting settled in quite nicely. Winter is coming...don’t get used to the beautiful weather. We had snow on Halloween and temps in the 70s the following week!

Faith said...

So glad you are all settled in Ohio and with your cars, etc.

you didn't have a grassy lawn in So Cal??? i'm confused.....

Don't listen to the commentor above...hahah...even winter season has its beauty.....just bundle up!

How thoughtful of your friends to bring some yummy dinner over. That's very touching.

I love my mother in law too and sadly, we haven't seen them since last Thanksgiving!! this darn covid!!

Susanne said...

Oh my...homemade sourdough bread. You have me drooling. What a sweet gift. Glad the licensing is all fixed up and done off your to do list. I love all the seasons, they all have their different aspects of beauty. It will be an adventure for you to discover what it holds in your new home.