Friday, October 30, 2020

Friday Fave Fives in the End of October

Good Morning to you on this last Friday in October!  It's cold and rainy.  The leaves are falling fast in the wind.  It's mid autumn.  How are you faring?  Have you stopped this week to think about the blessings God has graciously given you?  Here are FIVE FAVE THINGS on this FRIDAY that I have noticed in my week.  If you want to join in, click on THIS LINK which will take you over to Susanne's blog.

1. I missed posting my FFF last week because the moving crew of two guys was here unloading the trailer and bringing our belongings in to our new house!  I am thankful for God providing pleasant hardworking people to move our furniture and boxes (and boxes!) of things in for us.

2.  Earlier in the week, painters arrived to paint about half the rooms in the house.  Oh!  It looks so much more like 'our place' now!  Again, I'm thankful for excellent, careful and cheerful people working in our home.

3.  This may sound like NOT a fave.  But we happened upon the BEST dentist.  At church, we met a young couple and discovered she teaches at The New Boy's school.  And her husband works for a local dentist.   We made appointments, got in for our check ups in quick time.  And! I called for a first appointment with a medical doctor and got in to see her THE NEXT DAY!  If you've ever moved, you know that finding medical people is not always easy.  I'm thankful for the smooth and fast transitions.

4.  We voted in Ohio!  I am thankful that we CAN vote!

5.  Los Angeles Dodgers won the World Series!!  Go DODGERS!

Bonus:  Every time we drive around our new area, I notice just how much like England it looks!  My grandson, The New Boy, commented on that when we were in England last year (March 2019).  I looked up these photos of Avebury, Wiltshire, from a trip I took with his mother in November 2016 .  It looks like Ohio!  Except, of course, for the sheep grazing in the park.


Karen said...

Such an exciting series!! We were cheering for the Dodgers, too. The Rockies had a sad season, but it was good to see our league win!

ellen b. said...

So fabulous that you are in and unpacking. I'm settled in with a doctor but not a dentist as yet. Some of my family members were very happy for the Dodgers. Have a wonderful weekend.

Faith said...

Yay for moving in and having it freshly painted!! I hope you share some photos when you are all settled.

I've only been to OHio once driving through on the way to Missouri years ago and i remember seeing lots of green farmland. And lots of hilly highways. The photos from England are so pretty!!

Praise God for quIck dental and medical apppountments. I'm interviewing a new to me doctor in a couple weeks as I'm no longer happy wth my current doc whom i found quickly after my fave doc of 25'years retired. I'm hoping this new one who comes highly recommended will be a good fit.
I voted early too last Sunday with my oldest girl and husband and it felt Great!!!!

I hope,you have a wonderful weekend!

aspiritofsimplicity said...

How comforting to be in your own home. So nice that it looks like England. It must be lovely to be in a place that brings you back like that.

Gattina said...

Congratulations ! you finally moved ! We are lucky we have all doctors in our street in walking distance ! That's why I wanted to move here there are lots of vintage people living here. Very easy. Yes you landscape looks very much like England ! Have been there quite often from top to bottom and the landscapes are very beautiful !

Linda Hoye said...

Hope you continue to settle in well and that that sense of being home permeates. Any place reminiscent of England gets my vote!

Wendy said...

Glad you're getting settled and feel like it's England!

Barbara Harper said...

So glad you're moved in and the painters and movers were pleasant! Yes, finding new medical providers is something I have dreaded when we've moved. I'm glad that transition went smoothly and quickly for you.