Saturday, October 03, 2020

Hello October!

 I'm a day late, but I really hope I'm not a dollar short.  Or even a few pennies.

It's Saturday Friday Fave Fives time!  It's October, the tenth month of this year. This year has sometimes crept along and sometimes raced so fast I couldn't keep up.  Always, it is important to stop and reflect and remember the many many blessings I have in my daily life.  Here is Willow's Week in Five Faves.  Thank you, Susanne, for leading this exercise in gratitude every Friday.  Here's the LINK

1.  You many recall that my younger daughter had ankle surgery about six weeks ago. She has been cleared for physical therapy and has been making great progress.  Her post op appointment was yesterday (which explains my lateness in doing FFF since I am her driver.) and she is healing well according to her doctor.  Yay!

2.  We took a lovely drive and hike to a park in the next county north of here and hiked down to the falls.  It wasn't a long trail but it was lovely to be in the trees and next to the creek.  No photos cuz I forgot my camera.

3.  So on Thursday, we drove south a bit and parked next to a section of one of the TJ Evans Trails and walked on the paved bike trail.  One thing I love about my new home is all the accessible trails.

4.  One of the benefits of zoom meetings is that we can still call in to group meetings and see our friends.  There was a church business meeting and we joined and were able to 'see' friends and know how things are going at our CA church.

5.  This isn't so much a fave for me personally, but our granddaughter was SO HAPPY to go back to physical school on starting on Wednesday.  She's an extrovert and is loving being back with her friends.  I'm glad for her.

And so that is my Five Faves for this first week of October!


Gattina said...

Good that your daughter's ankle heals well ! It can sometimes last very long until it is completely healeed ! We have still green trees but I think today they will loose some leaves because the wind is quite strong. And of course it rains. Everybody is feeling down. I wished the Corona thing would come to an end !! Maybe Trump will be the last one who has caught it ?

Wendy said...

Good to hear your daughter is doing well and your granddaughter is back at school. So important for them to have their routines. I'm sure you're very glad of being able to get out and walk those lovely trails, especially at the moment while you wait for your new home so that you can start to get really settled. Hope you have walking weather this weekend. We have had almost non stop rain.

Sue said...

Prayers for continued healing for your daughter's ankle!, the trails look wonderful for walks especially this time of year.
Thanks for sharing, thank you for visiting and for your sweet comment.
have a great day.

Deb J. in Utah said...

So glad to hear that your daughter is healing up. You have some lovely trails to explore in your area.

Lea @ CiCis Corner said...

Ankle surgery, bet that's a tough surgery but so glad she is doing well. Know you are enjoying those trails in the fall weather. We have very few trails anywhere around us. Have a wonderful fall season!

Barbara Harper said...

Glad your daughter is recovering well and you have some nice trails to walk near your new place. How fun to participate in Zoom meetings with folks back in CA.