Friday, March 19, 2021

Celebrating St. Patrick and Spring!

 Did you know that the Spring equinox is this weekend?  In my time zone, spring will arrive at 11:48 tonight!  Today the weather is celebrating with sunshine (and a lot of wind thrown in for 'interest').  Since it is also Friday, I am celebrating Spring with Friday Fave Fives, my weekly collection of examples of gratitude.  This is the link to join Susanne and others in being thankful on Fridays.

1.  This is my birthday week.  Yes, I was born on St. Patrick's Day!  I appreciate how people celebrate my birthday with parades and parties and green things like beer and shamrocks.  Here at Willow's Cottage, we enjoyed a meal together.  All my family called or came by.  One of my favorite things is that my six year old grandgirl informed me that March 17th is not St. Patrick's birthday; it's the day he died.  (She looked up that information on her own!)

2.  Lots of cards from friends.  I love receiving snail mail.  Oh!  And a package, too!

3.  A week can't go by without my being happy for hikes.  In fact, we did two hikes as well as a couple of shorter trail walks.  On Sunday we explored Infirmary Mound Park, which is a 316 acre park that includes a prehistoric Hopewell mound. 

Then on Wednesday, we visited the arboretum and hiked on the east side which is described as for 'our more adventurous visitors'.  That area also has a pre-historic mound.

4.  My younger daughter and I "attended" a baby shower for one of her life long friends.  "Attended" means it was a zoom shower.  Mom-to-be's mother lives even farther away than we do, so there were people from all over the US attending the shower.  Yes, that is the baby for whom I made that hoodie sweater (I'll have to ask her for a picture!).  I'm so glad we were able to celebrate with this sweet family.

5.  The garden progresses!  I love being surprised by what shows up in this garden.  I have positive identification on three flowers.  Crocus.  Yes.  Daffodils.  Yes.  Tulips.  Yes.

And here is a bonus.  A bit of St. Patrick's Day humor.


Barbara Harper said...

Belated happy birthday! I did not know the 17th was the day of Patrick's death.

I love the first day of spring! And all the rest of spring. It's so nice when winter is officially over. And I love seeing what pops up new outside. My son and d-i-l bought their place in winter, so I am curious to see what blooms at their place this spring.

I love the creativity in doing showers so many can attend online.

Faith said...

I"m THRILLED that the first day of spring is upon us! WHOO HOO.

YAY for getting in a couple of hikes. I always think of you now when I head out on a real hike....wondering how you are liking the Northeast. You are definitely more south than me though..our tulip stems are just shooting up and no one has daffodils yet...maybe by next week as we are getting up in to the 60s this weekend and next week.

Happy birthday again and I LOVE the comic. FUNNY!!

Enjoy the weekend

Deb said...

That cartoon made me smile. That reminded me of family vacations when the kids were little. So glad you were able to do some hiking, and that you had a nice birthday. It's always nice to be remembered by friends and family. Have a good weekend.

Susan said...

That cartoon made me laugh! Any parent can relate to that. I hope you had a fun birthday!

ellen b. said...

Well I'm way behind but at our age we are entitled to celebrate all month long. Kudos to granddaughter who pointed out the the 17th is St. Patrick's day of death. Yippee for Spring and for the things that are popping up in your yard! Fun!!