Friday, March 26, 2021

Windy Week

 Wow!  This past week has flown by.  Literally.  We have been experiencing extremely strong winds.  Older Daughter's power is out, but at least we have not had any tornados.  It's time for Willow's Willow summed up with FRIDAY FAVE FIVES. The link will take you to where you can read other FFFs and join in, too, if you wish.

1.  SPRING flowers!  Lots of daffodils.  (Yes, I mentioned that last week, but these daffodils make me happy all day long!)

2.  More HIKES and WALKS.  Just like last week.  Notice a pattern here?  I do love being outside seeing God's creation, even if the trails are muddy.

3.  The Professor and I also ventured out on our BIKES this week.  We are slowly working up to longer rides.

4.  I asked my grandson The New Boy what I did this week.  His response:  You taught me alliteration.  Ah, yes.  I enjoy TEACHING writing/composition and find it fun to teach my grandson as part of his homeschool curriculum.

5.  My art group friends and I were 'zooming' this week, discussing the book we chose to read for Lent.  As usual, we got a bit off topic and our conversation ended up at this quote (which I have written over one of my photos.


Faith said...

I've seen that C S Lewis quote before and LOVE it. But of course we are huge fans of his writing here in our home. :)

YAY for walks and hikes...I shared the same thing! And yay for daffodils. It has been VERY WINDY with a sudden drop in temps this afternoon here in eastern NY. It must be coming from the west! :)

I love that you're helping grandson with homeschooling.


Wendy said...

Great quote! Yes it's good to get out even if the weather isn't too good. Enjoy your weekend.

Anonymous said...

Fun week with hiking and biking as well. Any interesting books and knitting projects going on? Mary

ellen b. said...

Lots of conversations about our time in ths "world". Glad you are finding some great trails to enjoy. We are having a high wind warning for Sunday night into Monday. Time will tell if our power fails or not. Enjoy your day!

Deb said...

Hi Willow. I do love C.S. Lewis. What a wise man. Great quote. So great that you have so many lovely places to hike there. What a blessing that you get to teach and share what you love with your grandchildren. Wonderful post. See you again soon.

Susanne said...

I love to read C.S. Lewis quotes but do find big chunks of his writing takes a lot of focus on my part. Looks like some lovely hiking and biking areas in your new city. It is nice to get outside. So nice to hear you so enjoying teaching your grandson.

Barbara Harper said...

I love that C. S. Lewis quote. The daffodils have come and gone here, but other plants are greening up. We had some storms and flash flooding over the weekend, but thankfully the son is out today.