Saturday, September 24, 2022

Happy Fall!

Oops.  It's Saturday.  I'm late for Friday Fave Fives with Susanne. Well, better late than not at all.  I am thankful that we woke up this morning (and every morning this week) strong and healthy and able to do what was put in front of us.  This week is the 700th! week that Susanne has hosted Friday Fave Fives!  Follow the link to celebrate the week and the years with us.

1.  Older daughter's home is nearly empty.  We will empty the last few items from the garage on the weekend.  Half done!  On to Younger Daughter's last few things at her place.

2.  One evening when we were loading boxes into our cars, it started to rain.  Not just a few drops, but it was a downpour and thunderstorm.  The short drive to the new place was slow because we could hardly see.  And of course, we just unloaded the boxes in the rain.  A fave?? Why would THAT be a fave??  It's because we all just looked at each other and started to laugh.  That's our family...

3.  Since then, the weather has been absolutely perfect!   We've been calling it Southern California winter.  Which has been helpful for the amazing hard workers recreating our patio.

4.  We greeted the arrival of Autumn (it's Fall, y'all!) with a yummy hearty minestrone style veggie soup.

5.  I think my fifth fave just has to be that we are thankful that we are almost done with the moves.

Oh~  I just thought of a bonus.  My ophthalmologist checked my eyes this week and gave me an 'all clear' diagnosis. (get the pun?)  I am thankful for that!

What things are you thankful for?  Autumn equinox?  Morning coffee?  


Deb said...

Hello! I am glad you got all of your moving finished. I love that your family just laughed at the downpour of rain. What a great attitude! Sounds like you had a very busy but good week! See you again soon. :-)

A Joyful Cottage said...

I'm thankful for morning coffee for sure! Even more for good health. Glad you had a good report from the ophthalmologist. I made black bean chili with sweet potatoes for dinner last night. Have you ever tried adding sweet potatoes chunks to your chili? So yummy! Can't wait to see your finished patio. Hugs.

Faith said...

I think we got that downpour you had the next day!!

I love that it's Autumn!!

Glad all the moves are over.

ENJOY the week!

Susanne said...

Glad that the moving is almost done. That is so much work. So nice to hear of your joyful attitudes with the pouring rain. Sometimes one just has to go with it. Soup and fall just goes together, doesn't it?

ellen b. said...

You can compose a variation on 'Singin in the Rain' to Laughin in the rain! will be nice for the daughters to be all settled and enjoying a quiet cuppa in the morning! Happy fall to you. I think my jetlag is done with...I hope.

Barbara Harper said...

(I'm late visiting for FFF due to out of town family visiting this week.) Yay for all the moves being just about done. It's good to be able to laugh instead of getting frustrated--probably healthier, too. I'm loving this cool fall weather. Glad your eye appt. went well!