Friday, February 16, 2024

A Coffee Shop Week of Faves

 I am late posting my Friday Fave Fives today.  But I have a good excuse.  Our internet is out.  So I am sitting in a coffee shop sipping some hot chocolate and using their internet access.  Anyway, here are my five blessings from this week.  Follow the link above to join us in being thankful.

1.  I am thankful for a technologically brilliant husband.  The Professor (yes, he used to teach computer science classes at a university) has been working all day on a solution.  Trust me, if he can't fix it easily, it's not an easy fix.  I appreciate his ability to work on all technical issues.

2.  This week we have had weird weather ranging from sunny and rainy, warm and freezing, and right now it is snowing.  What makes me thankful about that?  a warm home, snow proof boots, cozy gloves and hats.

3.  Tuesday we drove an extra half hour more than usual to visit a new coffee shop with our friends T and S.  The bakery goodies were yummy.  And afterwards, we went over to the Wagnalls Library (yes, the Wagnalls of Funk and Wagnalls dictionary and encyclopedia).  The library building is amazing!  I can't access my photos right now, so here is a link to the Wagnalls Library.

4.  One afternoon, The Professor and I met at a much closer coffee place with both daughters.  It is not usual for them both to have the same afternoon off work.  We had so much fun chatting with them and pondering some hard questions.

5.  Remember our new 'great grandson'?  We were able to meet him this week!  Oh he is so adorable!  And snuggly.  And calm.  The whole time we were there, he never opened his eyes; he just slept in our arms.  I wish I could share photos of him (I'll have to ask permission).  But trust me, he is the cutest baby born in Ohio so far this year!

Bonus:  Because I didn't have internet at home, I 'met' on zoom with my dear dear friends, The Art Girls, in the closest coffee shop to our house so I could join them in discussing the first chapter of the book we are reading 'together' during Lent this year.  If you care, the book is Rembrandt Is In The Wind.

Bonus2:  Did you notice all the coffee shop references?  Yes, I am thankful for local coffee shops!


Deb J. in Utah said...

So glad you had a nice week. I hope you get your internet issues resolved. That can be so frustrating. So glad that your husband is technologically talented. That is a great help. I hope you and your family have a good weekend.

Karen said...

Oh, I love your coffee shop theme this week! It's fun to visit different places. Coffee shops and bookstores are places we like to explore when we travel. I followed your link to the Rembrandt is in the Wind book. It looks fascinating. I've put it on my wish list, but may look to see if the library has it.

How nice to snuggle your new great grandson. It makes me smile just thinking about it. We visited our new granddaughter not long ago and I miss her SO much. Just thinking about holding her while she slept. Such a blessing, for sure.

Susan said...

That is great that you could go to a coffee shop to access the internet! I would do the same if I needed to use my computer. I just updated my blog. Still dealing with the ear pain saga. Praying it gets better soon because I am in pain. Congratulations on the birth of your great grandchild! Glad we are playing Words with Friends. It helps me not think about my ear!

Barbara H. said...

What neat coffee shop get-togethers! I've heard good things about Rembrandt Is In The Wind but haven't read it yet. How sweet to meet and hold your new great-grandson. I sure do miss the baby stage of our kids and grandson. I hope we'll have more than the one. I hope your Internet is back now.

Wendy said...

You are definitely lucky to have so many great coffee shops close at hand - especially with internet access! Glad you had a good week and hope Hubby managed to sort the internet issue. Enjoy your weekend.

ellen b. said...

Sorry about your internet woes. Ugh. You are doing well in supporting small coffee shops! Weather has been interesting here, too. This morning it was 18 degrees....brrrrrr.
Happy Saturday to you.

Melanie said...

I don't have a coffee shop near me until you consider StarBucks but I don't really consider that a coffee shop. Thank heavens for Zoom! I'm able to get together with friends and a dulcimer group I belong to. It's been wonderful.

Our weather here has been fairly stable. No signs of snow which I'm very happy about. Just temp fluctuations.

Sorry to hear about our internet being out. I hope the Professor can find the issue with not too much problem.

Coastal Ripples said...

Sometimes it’s good to be without internet for a while. Lucky you with all those coffee shops. I’m going to check out that book. B x

nikkipolani said...

Yes, yes, I'm definitely catching the theme here about coffee shops! So glad they are available for your internet needs. What a blessing to have an in-house tech person. Hopefully, he can sort everything out.

We had a set of F&W encyclopedias when I was growing up. The Wagnalls building is very pretty. Wish they had more photos!

Dianna said...

I'm glad that your husband is so good with technology. What a blessing! Glad you enjoyed the coffee shops this week! Sounds like you had some amazing fellowship with friends and family.

Susanne said...

I love a good coffee shop theme but sorry that it was a result of internet woes for you. Having a hubby who knows what he's doing with computers is definitely a blessing. How nice for meet ups with friends and daughters.

Tom said...

...I have a few talents, but technology sure isn't one of them. Sometimes I think that I was born about 100 years too late.