Friday, April 12, 2024

Eclipses, Coffee, Movies

Make the Friday Fave Five List!

This has been a week of nearly constant activity.  Wow.  I thought that retirement was a time of rest and relaxation.  Silly me.  But all the activities were ones that have brought me great joy and thankfulness.  When I write my Friday Fave Fives, I always reflect back on the week and am reminded of all these activities and all the joy.

1.  Everyone has been talking about the eclipse.  Yes, we live in one of the states that experienced totality/100%.  Yes, we could have driven to a place where we could experience it.  But we decided that a bit over 99% was good enough.  Therefore, since our home had the best viewing spot, we gathered here at the cottage and pulled out our lawn chairs on the patio.  The eclipse was truly amazing!

My camera didn't take great photos because I didn't have the right lens.  But Little Warrior devised a way to get better pictures using the eclipse glasses.  (I'm trying to get the photos downloaded to my computer but it's not cooperating well)

2.  Afterwards, everyone just hung around.  We ate dinner and watched another part of The Lord of the Rings trilogy.  We own the extended version, so there are (I think) six movies.  On Saturday evening we had watched the second half of The Fellowship of the Rings (first book), so Monday night, we watched the first half of Two Towers (second book).  Popcorn and ice cream were included.

3.  We had two coffee times this week.  On Saturday we gathered with all the adults who are going on the England section of our summer trip.  Younger Daughter worked out all the various flight schedules and got everyone booked.

4.  Second coffee time was impromptu time with Younger Daughter.  We chatted and knitted and knitted.  And of course, Eleanor loved tagging along.  She doesn't knit, but she loves her coffee.

5.  We have been wanting to have a bradford pear tree removed from our front yard.  Since that tree is an invasive species and no longer allowed to be sold in our state, we decided we'd remove it and replace it with a native tree.  A man in our church is an arborist and owns a tree care company, so we arranged for him to come and remove the tree (and some arborvitae bushes that are growing too close to the house and too high).  He and his crew worked so fast!  We are thankful to have that garden chore checked off our list and done quickly, cleanly and professionally.





nikkipolani said...

How fun that you were (mostly) in the path! I'd just tossed my viewing glasses from 2017's eclipse....

Glad you aren't trying to cram LOTR movies (extended!) into a day or two -- plus, popcorn! Ice cream!

Bradfords are certainly pretty when they bloom, but good for you for finding something more native to your area. And what a blessing to have an arborist among your acquaintances!

Anonymous said...

What! Another England trip? I’m so happy for you. Mary

Faith said...

how fun to have the family and grands over for the Eclipse and then the movie with yummy treats!

I love my pear tree but i don't like the scent!! Mine hasn't got flowers on it yet....although all the buds have popped out. Mine was a Mothers Day gift several years ago from my youngest girl.

Coffee dates with daughters .....the best!!

The eclipse was amazing

Enjoy the weekend!!

Susan said...

I learned about that tree by playing Farmville on Facebook. It was a popular tree, but I see why you wanted it out. Nice that you could see the Eclipse from your yard. We had beautiful weather all week and it became cloudy today and rain is due for the weekend. I will take rain any day, better that the hot weather we will be getting in the summer! Enjoy your weekend!

Deb J. in Utah said...

Glad you had a good week! We had a Bradford Pear at our house in Illinois years ago. One night it was struck by lightning and down it came. Blocked our driveway until we could get it hauled off. So glad you got yours taken down. It's great that you could view the eclipse from your own backyard. We saw an almost full eclipse from Southern Utah last fall and it was amazing. It's always good to see what you are up to. Have a good weekend!

ellen b. said...

What a fun time to have all the family together for that historical event! Woohoo for another trip to Jolly Old England for you! That always gets me excited. It is so good to get the flights booked so all the other plans can get in motion. Josh, Laura and Greg and I are looking into Scotland in September. We got to nail down the dates so I can do some bookings. :) Happy Saturday to you.

Monica said...

Yes you had a full week! Mine was uneventful so I didn't even put a post up this Friday. Hope you have a blessed weekend!

Barbara H. said...

We were all together for the 2017 eclipse, but scattered for this one. Such a neat experience. It's been ages since I've seen LOTR. We'd have to take in sections, too. How fun to watch it with family and have popcorn and ice cream as well.

How fun to look forward to going to England!

And how neat to know an arborist who could take care of your tree and bushes.

I know what you mean about retirement--life is still busy.

Gattina said...

I see spring is coming out at your place too ! Doesn't it feel good when it is warmer and the son is shining ? I purr like a cat ! What a good idea to replace the old tree with a native one ! Here it was far too cloudy to see a sun or a moon, it was dark like in a devil's hole !

Carla from The River said...

What have you decided to plant to replace the tree you had to cut down? That is a big job, but if the team is awesome, like yours, it goes well.

Wendy said...

Great that you could see the eclipse from your home and enjoy the time with family. The team did a good job of removing that tree for you. Time with daughters is always good.

Susanne said...

How fun that you gathered as a family to watch the eclipse. We got basically nothing here. Who knew that a pear tree could be invasive? Glad you got that job out of the way.