Saturday, January 27, 2007

Saturday Sky

This morning I walked with a friend on The Strand in Manhattan Beach (3+ miles). The weather was FINE.
Blue sky and a few clouds, in the 60s.

Alas, it is now raining in Los Angeles. John went for a bike ride and came home after 8 miles because he doesn't care for rain pelting his face as he rides.
Knitting socks in public, Wednesday evening.

The afternoon is being devoted to Earl Grey tea, laundry, and cleaning. Maybe later this evening I'll muster the energy to pull out the camera again and do a photo shoot on the blanket.

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roxie said...

Yes, yes! Do a photo shoot on the blanket! Please. . . .

Isn't it wonderful the way native Californians curl up and cry at 60 degree weather and a little rain? I'm with John though. Rain in the face is no fun no matter how warm it is.