Saturday, June 02, 2007

Another Finished Object

You can see the FO in a minute. First look at this cute guy. Son #2. We had dinner the other night at a great French bakery across the street from his apartment in Culver City. The food really is excellent; nothing beats the chocolate hazelnut mousse with a cappuccino for dessert. The service is always the best too, but sometimes I wonder if it's because we're with him and the cute waitresses think up excuses to come by our table.

We are going to a wedding this afternoon in Huntington Beach. Mia is a bridesmaid so we will be sitting with Tim. Mia's college roommate Laura is marrying her sweetheart David at 2pm. Congratulations to them!
I have been crocheting and stitching on Tim's afghan this week in hopes of finishing it and giving it to him today since his birthday was Wednesday. Mia knitted all 48 of the blocks and I crocheted the edging and stitched the blocks together. Last night I finished one round of single crochet around the whole afghan, but I think it needs a second round, so I will crochet on the way down to the wedding.
Yes, the photo looks like it's backwards, but it's not. I really do crochet and knit left handed.

The yarn is WoolEase worsted weight. Guys need washable and dryable afghans.

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Have fun today!