Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Beginning the Count Down

We are moving in 11 days.

There are boxes everywhere. Yesterday I figured out that I had to pack up one room a day to be ready to move on the 7th. Two bathrooms, three bedrooms, center hallway that includes the laundry, living room, dining room and kitchen. I counted the days we'll be gone up to the new house to finish painting and realized I was in no way prepared for this move. Well, I still had the boxes, paper and bubble wrap, but almost nothing was packed.

Yesterday I packed six book boxes. Which is all I could do because I have been sick for a week with a cold and cough. I would pack a box, sit and rest, get up and pack another box. By the end of the day I had a total of nine boxes of books packed. Which was less than half our books.

This morning I tackled the books again and emptied all the book shelves. All that's left of the books are a few strays here and there, probably one box worth, that we are still reading.

This afternoon, two friends came to help me pack dishes. This too was a major issue. I have a lot of good dishes and tea cups that I inherited from my mom and grandmas. Seven boxes of them. As I say, "I never saw a dish I didn't like." What a blessing to have friends to help me!

Tomorrow--eye doctor appointments in the morning, empty the two back bedroom closets, small group in the evening, drive to Camarillo so we can get an early start on painting on Friday.

I'd really rather be sitting here, enjoying the solitude.

I'm still coughing but at least I'm not running a fever tonight. I just don't have time to be sick.

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roxie said...

Oh, Willow, get well fast!