Thursday, June 21, 2007

Southern California Gardening at Its Best

Saturday afternoon, to celebrate Father's Day, John, Mia and I went to Descanso Gardens in LaCanada-Flintridge, one of the five major gardens in the Los Angeles metro area. It has a more natural habitat feel and look to it than Huntington Library and Garden or South Coast Botanical Gardens. The photo above reminds me of an Impressionist painting of the French Riviera countryside. That's not so surprising when you remember that Southern California has a Mediterranean climate.

You can see that off the walkways and trails, the grounds are kept more or less "native" California. There were groves of California Live Oak with palm trees thrown in. John prefers the natural, low water look of this habitat.

There are various gardens including the cactus garden, camellia garden and rose garden. Of course, Mia and I patiently walked through the other areas with John, but when we got to the rose garden, we went wild. All those roses! All those colors and fragrances!

The rose garden is quite extensive. We walked through only a portion of it. It reminded me of Kew Gardens, Mottisfont Abbey, Exposition Park, and Portland's Rose Garden all combined in one garden. The beds laid out in patterns reminded me of Exposition Park in Los Angeles and the Portland Rose Garden. The trellises were like the ones at Mottisfont Abbey (Southern England). The sweeping rose filled vistas looked like Kew Gardens (London).

The yellow and orange roses celebrate Mia's current orange period.

The garden has its wild side. Posted signs warn of rattlesnakes and scary plants. This is poison oak. There was protective wire fencing around it to keep people out, but you can see how effective it was in keeping the poison oak in.

Come back tomorrow for more of Descanso Gardens!


Anonymous said...

Snakes? I don't do snakes!

roxie said...

Lovely gardens. Wonderful hats! That picture of Mia with the rose is very artsy! (Sweet Mary Rosebud.)

kate smudges said...

It looks as if you had a wonderful day! I'd have loved the roses. I agree with Roxie - your hats are lovely.