Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Hopes and Goals 2009

I do not usually make New Year's resolutions because I don't want to make 'promises' that I can't keep. So I like to make 'hopes' and 'goals' for myself. For many years I have written personal goals for each year and I have been able to go back through the years and see what I have accomplished, even though it seems like I don't make the progress I hope to make on projects.

Last year I posted some goals. These are the ones I accomplished:
1. Exercise more. Walk more consistently. Get the bike serviced and ready to ride again. Finding Ellen as a walking buddy was an answer to my prayer!

2. Resubmit the Knitting Guild work for review. All that is left for me to do is rewrite the aran sweater pattern and double check one of the swatches. I received my master hand knitting certificate and was officially recognized as a master knitter at TKGA convention in September!

3. Use my yarn stash instead of buying new yarn. I did buy some yarn but mostly I knitted and crocheted my way through some of my stash.

4. The Professor and I also saw the completion of a major life goal. All of our children have graduated from college with a BA or BS in a field of study that will allow them to make their own ways in this world when MamaMia graduated this month with a degree in Anthropology from San Diego State University.

5. Read or reread the books that are on our bookshelves. I've plugged away at this goal. I have read several of the Newberry Award winners that I've collected. The Back to History Reading Challenge kind of fell off my radar screen in March although I did finish reading The Bounty by Caroline Alexander and Faith and Treason by Antonia Fraser.

6. Be more intentional about my spiritual life. Pray. Memorize Scripture. I want to learn about the Church Year, the daily and weekly prayers and readings. The Professor started leading a study centered around the Church Year and I am looking forward to continuing to deepen my understanding of the history of Christianity and also make it more personal in my own life.

7. And organize the photos. Declutter. Simplify. Live Green. Hope for world peace. I've done the decluttering, simplifying, living green and hoping for world peace fairly consistently again this year. The organization of the photos is still a work in progress.

So my Hopes and Goals for 2009 will be similar to those of 2008:
1. Keep on exercising- walking, hiking, and biking.

2. Continue using up the yarn stash, including spinning the bags and bags of fiber I've collected through the years.

3. Use what I learned in the master knitting program to design and sell my own knitting patterns. Knit more bunnies! This is Maggie who has gone to live in Georgia.

4. Read, read, read!

5. Make consistency in prayer, meditation and looking at the world and my own life through God's perspective. And this includes striving to live at peace with all men in as far as I am able.

6. Maintain my commitment to living in voluntary simplicity, eating organically and locally, and limiting our possessions.

7. Organize the photos. I really want to do this. But I am still completely overwhelmed by the prospect. Fortunately, The Professor is supporting me in my endeavor. He gave me a scanner for Christmas!

8. Be the best wife, mama and grandma I can be. Our New Boy is so precious and I love to watch him grow!

9. Improve my photography skills. I love to take pictures!

What are your hopes and goals for 2009?


Claudia Bugh said...

Congratulations on your Master Knitter status! Well deserved.

Your goals look pretty good to me, I'll just use those if you don't mind :) I'm generally not that farsighted, focusing more on what I need to do for the day and not much beyond that.

Anonymous said...

What inspiring goals! Good luck, though I know you'll work for them and not rely on luck.

Anonymous said...

I'm still working on a list of goals. :) I'm feeling rather ambitious but want to start small.
I really like your list. Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

I wish you joy as you set out on this year's journey, courage as you challenge yourself with new goals, and peace as you trust Him for all :)

ellen b. said...

Yippee! A scanner! I haven't gone to the goal page yet...maybe next week. I do know I want to keep walking and take off a few pounds for sure :0)

ancient one said...

I only have one... moisturize... Dry skin has got to go...That's the only one I've spoken out loud...I really would like to get closer to GOD... and live more for him...

Hope you have a wonderful 2009!

Unknown said...

Kak Willow, I have given up on resolutions. The one I had on losing weight was the same 10 years ago. I wrote down on paper one of your resolution : voluntary simplicity, eating organically and locally, limiting possession ..many others wonderful ones, reading and being a good mum. But the first few, I suka sangat! as I have been living on the exact's time to slow down, though I dont know how really...but I'll try. It's been so wonderful knowing you and learning many things along the way.

btw..the Christmas food list was impressive, I cant even cook rendang :D

May all our wishes come true, much love...

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Hi Willow!

Happy 2009 to you and your family! I've enjoyed getting to know you through this year of blogging.

I think all your hopes and goals are wonderful! I have to deal with my "hard copy" photos and fill all the scrapbooks I've purchased with special ones, so I join you in that goal! :-)

Congrats of your master knitter status --you do such nice work and it's well deserved!
Hugs, Pat

Anonymous said...

I was trying to work on this earlier. I came up with:
finish what I start
make more from what I have
say yes more to my children
clear out what is not beautiful or useful
plan ahead more often
live consciously and with purpose
laugh especially when things go wrong
set a good example
appreciate what I have already
see the beauty around me

I think you did so well in becoming a master knitter and living as greenly as possible. So is there another badge after master knitter that you can aim for?

Anonymous said...

This is quite a list, Willow. So many of the knitting projects you've written about show your wonderful skills.

Marg said...

I was just reviewing your goals for the following year. I realized through those that we have many things in common. It's been a good year, but we seem to continue making new milestones every year. Congratulations on your childrens degrees. Now you know why mine are not farming.