Saturday, December 27, 2008

A Wedding

My oldest nephew is married!

The wedding was a small family affair and we were delighted to be invited to attend. The day included riding 520 miles in a car as I mentioned earlier, and also WEATHER.

As we drove along Hwy 126 we knew we were in for it when we saw the Topa Topa Mountains were dusteed with snow.

Tejon Pass looked like a zoo or at least the zebra enclosure.

The roads were open and the snow was shovelled to the shoulders of Interstate 5.

Driving along Hwy 99 through the San Joaquin Valley, we experienced the valley's typical winter weather pattern-fog and low clouds.

The wedding took place in a sweet little church in the bride's hometown.

If you are going to get married five days before Christmas, it's wise to just go with the red Christmas color scheme because the church is already decorated for you!

Congratulations to the happy couple!

Wishing you a lifetime of commitment, love, and laughter!


ellen b. said...

What cute little individual cakes!
Boy am I tired. Katie's party is still going on downstairs but I had to get away and crash!!

Jane said...

What a wonderful start to the festive season. Beautiful if cold scenery you drove through. Congratulations to the happy couple. Jane x

Barbara said...

What a long way to drive to a wedding, especially if you did not stay the night. Glad you enjoyed it and it is unusual to see snow in Southern California.

Mama Mia said...

Aw, yay! :o) I love the little cakes-- too cute!

roxie said...

Bravo, you intrepid witnesses! You made their day even more special. And what wonderful photos.

Linda Sue said...

Smart to get married five days before Christmas- that is a date nearly impossible to forget- thinking anniversaries down the line...The cakes! Gorgeous - red such an enticing colour.

ancient one said...

Everything was lovely... beautiful Post!!

Marg said...

It's always excited to be able to attend these special weddings, even when they are small. What a privilege.