Tuesday, January 01, 2013


New Year's Day is usually recognized as a time for new beginnings.  How many New Years resolutions have you made on January 1st and broken by January 7th?  After the indulgences of November and December, we want to straighten up our lives, homes and schedules and jump back on track.  For the past several years I have resisted making New Years resolutions because it was just too disheartening to realize I had failed at some abitrary rule I had made for myself.  I changed to making lists of hopes and goals and at the end of the Old Year and beginning of the New Year checking on my progress in reaching them.

For 2013 I decided to choose a word that describes those hopes and goals I want to accomplish this year.  After reading about this at my friend Meg's blog, I wondered what one word I could possibly use to sum up my plans and ideas for 2013.  Almost immediately, one word popped into my mind. 


This is not a word that I would have considered for my year's goals.  No one who knows me would consider me a 'saver' in the material possessions department.  But it fits perfectly.  Let me explain. 

1. Save money.  We are Dave Ramsey fans.  Well before Dave Ramsey began his Financial Peace University program, we were believers in living below our means and investing wisely.  This year we will continue to save our money wisely.

2.  Save Time.  Focus on wise time management.  Don't waste hours cruising facebook or reading blogs that don't really matter to me.

3.  Save Energy.  This is self explanatory.  We have energy efficient appliances.  We group our errands.  We bike.

4.  Save the Earth.  Although I wouldn't classify myself as a 'tree hugger', I care deeply about conserving our beautiful planet.  My efforts are focused on (but not limited to) maintaining safe and responsible food production, using renewable resources, and not wasting nonrenewable ones.

5.  Save the Best and Get Rid of the Rest.  For someone who is not a collector, stating that I want to save stuff is antithetical.  I'm not one to dump everthing and live out of a backpack, but I don't hoard stuff.  When I think of saving things, I want to save and use the things which are useful, bring me joy, save time and energy.  This year I will continue to get rid of the rest of the stuff that's not the best.

6.  Save the Memories.  That would be the yearly effort to deal with the photographs.  Will this be the year I finally finish?

I have two or three other goals for which I am still considering the details but this is a start for Hopes and Goals for 2013.  I'll save those for later.  These Six Saves will do to begin The New Year.

What hopes and goals are you choosing for the year?  Do you have a word that sums up your intentions for 2013?


Kathie said...

This is wonderful, what a great idea! Happy New Year to you.

Julene said...

Very good and inspirational!
My word for the year is "listen." I'll explain more later. :)
And...that photo goal....is still high on my list! Something must be done to conquer it!!

ellen b. said...

I'll have to think on this and a word...
Maybe my word should be think...

Caroline said...

I like "save" very much and could definitely use that for my resolution, although "appreciate" might be a better one for me.

Gracie Saylor said...

One word that sums up my hopes for 2013 is "care."

Knitting Linguist said...

I like these very much, and I also really like the one word idea. I was just thinking this over, after reading another friend's word, and I am thinking that this year my word may be mindfulness - something to inspire me to really pay attention in each moment, to what my body and heart are telling me, and to what the world around me is telling me. Happy new year!

elizabeth said...

What a thoughtful post!
Yes, SAVE is an excellent motto/tought.
I think we are too often extravagant and reckless and little bit of care and thrift is in order!
Happy New Year, Willow.

Beatriz said...

Happy New Year, Willow! Conserve sums up my hopes for 2013 as well. Love your list. It's very inspiring.

Barbara said...

Trusting God for the next step!