Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Catch Up Again

November 20th, Friday
My Friday Precepts is studying the names of God.  This week we focused on "Jehovah-Raphah", the God Who heals.  I'm thankful for this study and what I am learning about God.

November 21st,Saturday
How many Saturdays can I report, "I love my farmers market?"  Having fresh, local fruits and vegetables is a blessing for which I give thanks daily.

November 22nd, Sunday
I love our small group which meets on Sunday nights.  As one member stated, "We're more like family."

November 23rd, Monday
I cleaned my house today.  I'm thankful for a safe, secure and comfortable home.  It has windows that open and close and lock, sturdy floors,  and bathrooms with indoor plumbing.

November 24th, Tuesday
Today I am thankful for connecting with friends who love coffee (morning coffee date), friends who like to walk (new neighborhood friend for walking date),  friends who just like to hang out (afternoon hang out date).


Deb said...

Hi I love these posts about how grateful you are. We all have so many blessings in our lives, don't we. Most of us have no reason to complain at all. Glad your computer is back in working order. I love how you are making connections with and helping your students! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Sara at Come Away With Me said...

Just want to stop by and wish you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving - there is no end to all the blessings we can be thankful for.

Gracie Saylor said...

We have so much for which to be thankful...two nights ago my oldest daughter safely birthed my new granddaughter, Sarah :) Now we are all trying to catch up on sleep as we get to know her! May you and yours have a Happy Thanksgiving celebration, Willow.
ps. I posted some photos of Mt. Hood's new snow...and our ponds are full!!!!