Monday, November 09, 2015

November Thankfulness #8 and #9

Oops.  I missed yesterday, so today I am posting for two days.

November 8th
Not only is my husband funny and wise, he indulges my crazy ideas.  On our evening walk, we noticed a tumbleweed tumbling down the street in front of us. (Pause here and sing that cowboy tune by Sons of the Pioneers, Tumbling Tumbleweeds.)  The Professor picked up the tumbleweed and carried it home so I could photograph it.  You need to know that tumbleweeds have short but exceedingly sharp thorns.  Bringing that tumbleweed to the house was an act of sacrificial love.

The dried tumbleweed is indeed nearly spherical.
Below you can see where it broke from its root.

November 9th
I am thankful for opportunities to serve.  This afternoon, I drove a friend to another town to deliver several boxes of glassware and three bags of clothing to a thrift store which helps support a ministry for human trafficking victims in India.  I loved her comment:

I am giving away so many cute little things.
Now they are cute little things for someone else.

You may quote her, too.


aspiritofsimplicity said...

Sometimes when I am overwhelmed by stuff and still hesitant to donate it I think that exact thought. When I let it go someone else has a chance to enjoy it.

Monica said...

What a sweet hubby! They are truly something to be thankful for!!!

Brenda said...

We have so many tumbleweeds around here! I'm going to admit something absolutely crazy here, but a couple of years ago I tried selling a tumbleweed on Ebay! It didn't sell, but someone else's did!

Gracie Saylor said...

I think tumbleweeds are beautiful, and I appreciate your photos and your husband's brave service in bringing the tumblewee home for you :) I also enjoyed scrolling back through your posts and joining with you in being thankful! xx

Anonymous said...

Don't bring the tumbleweed home! They are a non-native, invasive species that spread their seeds everywhere they tumble. You may find an unwelcome visitor to your or your neighbor's garden next year.