Friday, November 06, 2015

November Thankfulness #6 and Weekly Gratitude

My week did not include any photography.  It was that kind of a week.  It was also that kind of week when I am so tired on Thursday night that I didn't finish posting my Friday Fave Fives, so I am late putting them up.  But better later than never...

1.  I have added a class on Wednesdays to my teaching schedule.  The teacher who normally teaches the class needs to take some time off and I have stepped in as the long term sub.  I'm not quite sure why I would call this a FAVE except that I know I need to do this; it's the right thing.  Maybe I am going to appreciate the extra money in the future months.  If nothing else, this addition to my schedule is a reminder to not complain about being busy.

2.  It rained!  RAIN!  For about half an hour, it rained!  It's most important that the mountains inland (Sierra Nevada Mountains) get snow if we are going to break this drought, but it was lovely to smell the damp earth and feel the little drops of precipitation.  FAVE!

3.  In a conversation with a friend this week, I was reminded how thankful I am to have enough food, enough money to buy that food, and easy access to that which is really very inexpensive compared to other places in the world.  I consider good food a privilege. (And I don't like it when I see people throwing away perfectly good food.)  So yes, abundant FOOD is a FAVE.

4.  Finally, after several attempts to arrange my schedule, I was able to attend a local Prayer Shawl Knit/Crochet group.  A former co worker invited me and I was able to duck in for about 45 minutes after class this week.  The group is full of lovely and gracious ladies who made me feel so very welcome.  Obviously, anything to do with knitting would be a FAVE.

5.  I have decided to return again this November to my tradition of posting daily my November Thankfulness thoughts.  Writing about writing about being thankful can be a FAVE, right?  It encourages me to think daily about gratitude and it also encourages me to read the responses of people who let me know they've visited here at Willow's Cottage and appreciate my posts.

And here is my November Thankfulness for November 6th.
I am thankful for safety in travel.  This morning we drove to Hollywood to attend the graduation of a young man who we have known for many years.  We met him and his family when he was a wee little seven year old.  Today he graduated from the Los Angeles Film School.  I'm thankful for the evidence of God's grace in his life and also that we safely navigated those LA freeways.


Monica said...

Journaling my thankfulness always brings life into perspective! You are a wonderful person for stepping in and covering that class! So many people put themselves before others and would not do such a task!
Rain! I pray you get more!

Gattina said...

I am certainly not happy when it rains as it rains most of the time. When it doesn't rain for a week the farmers complain about drought ! It's good to keep you busy and a little more money is also welcomed !

Susanne said...

Yay for your rain! Love journalling thankfulness. It definitely changes one's perspective

Faith said...

glad you folks got some rain! We have had a pretty dry autumn so far...actually the summer and autumn months have been practically perfect....wonder what our winter will be like??!

Yay for your other faves....all sound very special....enjoy the rest of the weekend!

Barbara H. said...

I know what it means to take on something while also wondering why one more thing needs to be added to the schedule and where it's going to fit in, and yet know it's the right thing to do. Trusting God will give you the extra grace, time, and energy needed. Who knows who He might lead across your path or what He might be doing through this. If nothing else, it will make the regular schedule seem nice once this isn't on it any more. :-)

Glad you got some rain! Wish I could send you a bit of ours. :-)

We're abundantly blessed in this country to have good food and clean water.