Friday, November 13, 2015

Slow Down

Friday Fave Fives from Willow's Week.
It has been another busy teaching and tutoring filled week.  This morning for Fave Fives, I'm reminding myself of the slow down blessings.

1.  Evening walks with The Professor.  We walk almost three miles as many evenings as we can.  If we miss those slow down walks for too many days, our lives are too busy.

2.  On Veterans Day, The Professor earned a free breakfast at Denny's and a free coffee at Starbucks.  Since he had the day off from teaching, we spent some time in mid morning relaxing with our coffees.  I had a free one, too, so I splurged.  Venti Soy Peppermint Mocha.  That doesn't happen often.  It was good to slow down enough to enjoy our coffees and each other (although I did take my papers to correct)

3.  A church friend had a bunch of stuff to take to a charity but couldn't lift the boxes and wasn't sure where to take them.  So I offered to load our CRV up and drive her to drop the stuff off at the boutique for Forever Found.  It's a bit of a drive to Simi Valley, but we both love that charity so we did it one afternoon when I wasn't teaching.  In addition, we were able to take three large bags of clothes over there for another friend.  This is an easy thing for me to do.  It helped them.  And it helped Forever Found.  And I loved my friend's comment:  "I am giving away so many cute little things.  Now they are cute little things for someone else."  

4.  I love those slow down moments talking with my daughters.  Usually it's by phone.  I'm truly thankful for phone technology.  When I lived in Indonesia at the end of the world, we had no phones, so I couldn't talk to my mom.  I treasure those phone calls.

5.  I force myself to slow down daily and knit.  I'm making Weasley sweaters for all the grandkids,  This week I bought yarn for our Little Warrior's grey and orange Weasley sweater.  The Princess's purple sweater is finished, and The New Boy's black sweater is half done.  PAL's is in the planning stages.  Photos as soon as possible.  I love having a slow down project like this.

How have you slowed down your week to bless others and notice the blessings you receive?


ellen b said...

Those are great slow down activities. I'm just sitting around in my robe as my slow down mode here after all the hectic time in So. Cal.
Have a wonderful weekend.

Monica said...

We are trying to slow down just as much as possible. But we aren't at the stage in our lives; ya know, child free, just yet. We are still farming and working full time jobs. I am looking for a time to slow way down.
But I too enjoy those phone calls from my daughter as she drives home from work, working out with my hubby, and talking with our other two over a home cooked meal. :)
Thanks for inspiring me to slow down where I can!
Happy knitting!

Kathie said...

I'm having a slow down day today. Sitting in front of the fire and reading blogs :) Too wet for a walk although I've been walking most days this week.

I love those phone calls too - Roger and I remember when we were in the states going to seminary. Long-distance was so expensive in those days - we were lucky to call home once a month.

Looking forward to seeing pics those Weasley sweaters on grands after Christmas!

Hope you have a relaxing weekend Willow!

Barbara H. said...

When my mother was alive, before cell phones were so prevalent, we could only talk once a month. I am so glad to have such easy access to talk to or text my kids so much more often.

I'm not sure what a Weasley sweater is - perhaps you'll show us the results on all those cute models some time. :-)

Your Veteran's Day morning sounds cozy. I love that so many restaurants are doing things like that.

Jerralea said...

Your Veteran's day sounded nice and relaxing.

I am thankful for the technology nowadays that keep us in touch, just like when my s-i-l was in Kuwait. He could do Facetime with the kids everyday.

Yay for long walks and time to knit!

nikkipolani said...

I'm going to have postpone slowing down for a few more days yet, but your slow-down activities sound very inviting. Except the knitting part - have tried to knit years ago and decided I would leave it to the pros like you ;-)

Gracie Saylor said...

While my week seemed more to speed up than slow down, I am grateful that someone gave us a clamp for our leaking water pipe to stop the leak until the pipe can be replaced, and I enjoyed joining a group of women to shop for and wrap gifts for a needy mom and her seven year old son. Now I hope to get some stitching done on this rainy weekend. Happy Weekend, Willow! xx

Faith said...

yay for slow down activities. Mine today is going to be reading a novel. (The Nightingale..about WW2 France). How special to have that coffee time with your hubby.....I spent mine shopping :)

I love being able to bless others with items my own children have worn....and we are also doing the Operation Xmas Child boxes again this 16 year old had so much fun this morning after our hair appts buying for a little one......she still gets so much joy from this annual activity.

Happy Knitting!! (my friend who received the hat you knit, is recovered, is cancer free and still enjoys wearing the hat as she has decided to keep her hair very short :) ). you are a blessing

Susanne said...

Sounds like your week has been wonderful with some great slowing down moments. I think being intentional and taking note of them is great because our lives can get so overly busy so easy. My slow down is like Faith's. Reading time. If I'm not getting pleasure reading time each day it's time to take note that life is too busy. How fun and nice that you were able to help a friend help others.

snoopydogknits said...

Sounds like a great week. We all need to remember to slow down at times, don't we! Ros