Thursday, December 05, 2019

Celebrating December

I always have such great intentions of posting more her at Willow's Cottage.  And then the week flies by and it's Friday again.  So here I am with the one tradition I manage to keep-- Friday Fave Fives with Susanne.  Click on the link to see what other people are thankful for and blessed with this week.  Here are mine:

1.  Between the rain storms, we managed to get in two great walks. Since Friday was #optoutside day, we chose to walk around Ventura Harbor.  Ocean. Sand. Seagulls. Boats.  Is there a better way to spend the day after Thanksgiving?

 harbor entrance

so many boats!

2.  Then on Monday, The Professor volunteered his time to light a concert.  So I spent the time he was hanging lights and doing whatever it is he does to create that amazing ambience to walk all around the perimeter of the university.  It's a beautiful campus, having been renovated from an old state hospital done in mission style architecture. (and only 1 mile from the Pacific Ocean!)

 a view of the campus from above on the hill with the water tank

looking east through the palm trees to the hills that surround the campus

3.  The concert!  Channel Islands Community Chorale which also includes students from the university sang two concerts on the weekend.  We attended both--Sunday afternoon and Monday evening.  The Professor wanted to hear the concert before he did the lighting.  I have friends who sing in the chorale, so it was a double blessing for me to hear them sing Mozart and Rachmaninoff as well as numerous contemporary composers.

4.  I love Christmas!  I've started doing a little bit of decorating.  First:  advent wreath and candles.  This week is Hope!

5.  We joined several people from a current and former Bible study group for a Christmas dinner.  A few years ago, the group was so large that we split in to two groups.  But we still get together for a holiday celebration every year.  It was great to see these long time friends again.

I think that December is mostly about celebrating.  Celebrating places and people and beauty.  And anticipating Christmas!


Anonymous said...

Look at those beautiful blue skies! I, too, love these days before Christmas. Mary

susan said...

We had a lot of rain this past week, too. Hurray.
How lovey that you had two nice walks. The university and ocean pictures are delightful and certainly, showcase great places to walk.
That is very sweet of your husband to hang lights. Lights add such a wonderful ambiance.
Your concerts sound like a treat for the ears and soul. And to be able to go twice is twice as much of a blessing.
I agree Christmas is all about celebrating. And you started this month well with music and a dinner with friends. HOPE, especially God's hope, is one of the greatest blessings.
It is always my intent to post more often, as well, but I don't seem to manage it. Maybe in 2020.
Have a great week.

Susanne said...

Well what a lovely week. I love the picture with the palm trees and puffy clouds and blue skies. And the concert sounds wonderful too. What a nice start to the month with a dinner with friends. I will certainly pray for your driving through the pass. May God's peace and protection go with you.

Faith said...

Yay for Mozart and Rachmaninoff ! My former piano major self approves! 😀

Love the photos! We did optoutside as well but we were in New England in the county where it all began for the pilgrims.

I also love December even though I'm in denial that I'm turning a new decade....the big 6-0 in three days.
And Christmas is my fave!!!!

Happy weekend!

Deb J. in Utah said...

I agree with you - December is a month to get together with family and friends! Great pictures. Have a good week!

Wendy said...

Beautiful pictures and sounds like a really good week.

Barbara Harper said...

What nice places to walk! Sounds like a great week! How fun that the two groups still get together for a dinner.

Mereknits said...

It sounds like a wonderful week.

A Joyful Cottage said...

Lighting anything is a big job. Kudos to the Professor for taking on that task. Sounds like you're enjoying life. Merry Christmas!

Carla from The River said...

Beautiful photos and I think your week sounds wonderful.
Enjoy the count down to Christmas.
Love, Carla

nikkipolani said...

Those after-rain skies are fabulous aren't they? So nice that you got to enjoy them on your walks.