Friday, January 31, 2020

Closing Out January

Wow, it's the END OF JANUARY!  How did that happen??  Willow's Week just flew by.  Here are the Five Faves I chose to share for Friday Fave Fives.

1.  I am thankful for clean and running water.  Water that just runs from the spout when I turn it on.  Why am I thinking of water this week?  One day, we had our water turned off for a few hours.  This was a planned event due to work that needed to be done on the water main in our neighborhood.  We were able to plan ahead and put aside some water, fill our water bottles.  But it made me remember the years when our water arrived in buckets from the river and had to be boiled to use.  Clean water is something to be thankful for!

2.  Evenings spent with friends are always a blessing.  Our BYOD (Bring Your Own Dinner) friends came to our house this month.  Having known each other since college days, we have SO MUCH FUN.

3.  I've been knitting socks for more than twenty years.  I love wearing the socks that I knit.   They're warm and snuggly in the winter.  Currently, I have five or six pairs that I am rotating wearing.  And it makes me extra happy to know that I made them myself.

4.  The word I chose for 2020 is TRUST.  I found a necklace that says, "TRUST in the Lord".  Now I can wear my word for the year around my neck.  I can simply look down and remind myself to TRUST.

5.  In closing out this first month, I would have to add the I am thankful I can walk regularly.  I love walking and hiking and am thankful I have the ability and strength to do that (and I've walked, hiked or worked out at the gym twenty-five of the thirty-one days of this month).


Wendy said...

Good list. I think we all take water for granted until we have to manage without it, even for a short time, and then we're reminded how lucky we are just to be able to turn on the tap! Enjoy the weekend

Faith said...

Fresh clean water! Something i forget to be grateful for. Thanks for reminding us of this blessing.

How fun to have college friends over for dinner.

Love your word of the year. Yay for a necklace with that verse.

And congrats on all the hiking, walking and gym time. I haven't kept track of how many days I've worked out with my yoga stretches and treadmill time ( the average has been 3x a week since January 1. But i HAVE hiked 4 times since January 1. And I'm planning on going this afternoon to a new to me Nature preserve if the freezing rain stays away!

Love handmade knit socks. My mother in law gave us some for Xmas a few years ago. They're too toasty for work but perfectly for hikes and around the house!!

Happy weekend!

Deb said...

Hi willow - yes, clean water is something we take for granted and yet in so many parts of the world it is simply not available. I sure wish I could knit myself socks. They sound so warm and soft. I was never at knitting and didn't really have a good teacher either, and I was just a little girl when I tried, so I knit one small purse and gave it up. So good you can get out and walk and hike. Charly and I walk every day, but I will wait until spring to hike. Enjoy your weekend and I will check in again soon!

Barbara Harper said...

I read of people having to boil water in other countries, and I am SO glad we don't have to do that. Having clean water is a blessing we forget about until something happens and we don't have it for a while.

Glad you had fun with friends and self-made snuggly socks!

Trust is an ongoing life lesson. No matter how much we have learned to do it, it seems like we still need to learn more. Glad you have great places to walk!

ellen b. said...

Water at our fingertips is such a blessing for sure. I like the word you chose for 2020! Happy February to you!

Jerralea said...

Walking 25 out of 31 days is great! You are doing awesome! I, on the other hand, have not been doing well in this area.

I would think it would be very satisfying to know you made your own socks!

And, back in October, our water was off during our bathroom renovation for 4 days! 4 DAYS! I am very very thankful for clean running water.

nikkipolani said...

Yes! Clean water for drinking and cleaning and bathing ��. Nothing like being without it to be reminded to be thankful.
I like the idea of snuggly socks. Just can’t think about them today when it hit 85 down here.

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