Friday, July 09, 2021

Weekly Blessings

Hello Friday!  Here it is a warm and partly cloudy day.  And we're heading toward the middle of July.  Here are Willow's Friday Fave Fives.  Won't you join us for this weekly adventure in searching and finding blessings big and small?

1. You may have noticed the new header here on the blog, which shows a very very blurry picture of knitted stitches.  When I clicked in to change the picture behind my blog name, nothing worked.  I spent quite a long time trying to figure out why photos I have used before no longer worked.  As a last ditch effort, I simply wrote my name in a photo and adjusted until it looked right.  I am thankful to have figured that out even though it doesn't look great.

2.  We are making progress on home projects.  Last month we purchased a pergola to put on the back porch.  It's mostly set up now.  Then we can sit back there in the afternoons with shade above us.

3.  Also, we are working on a back garden project.  The place where there had been an above ground pool was just a sand and mud pit.  We have a plan to make it in to a fire pit and small patio with some garden beds around it.  This week we started laying the edging blocks around the perimeter!  Yay for progress!  (pictures later when it is finished)

4.  Produce from the garden.  Lettuce, kale, basil, parsley have all been on our plates this week, compliments of the garden.  Yummy!

Basil becomes Pesto

5.  The weather here has been frightfully hot and humid.  I could hardly make it for five minutes outside (all those outdoor projects have been done in five minute spurts).  Then Thursday (yesterday) the heat sort of broke with thunderstorms and rain.  What a relief.  I really am thankful for thunderstorms because they normally bring cooler weather.  And of course the lightning is amazing to watch.

Bonus:  it's summer.  I have to post photos of flowering plants!

Have a blessed weekend, my friends!  Be thankful!


Wendy said...

I hope you're having more comfortable weather now. Your flowers are lovely. You're not the only one who seems to have had problems with the Header on Blogger. I tried to add a photo to mine this week and it didn't work at all so I just left things as they were. Have a good weekend.

Deb J. in Utah said...

Hi Linda - I love your flowers, and the yummy produce from your garden. Glad you are making progress on your backyard project. That really sounds great. It's hot here too. I don't dare change my picture or even play around with a new look since so many are having a challenge with that in blogger. Hope you have a nice weekend. See you soon.
Deb :-)

Ann said...

I think your header looks very artistic!!
Wonderful produce and flowers. I'm heading to the local farmers' market every Saturday now. --Ann

Anonymous said...

Love summer, even the big projects. It’s so nice to have your own produce to eat. It all looks good. (And the flowers for the soul). Mary

Gattina said...

I love to sit in a garden (yard) and admire flowrs and vegetables,but I hate to work in it ! That's why I am so happy to be in an appartment now and see the gardeners working !

Mereknits said...

I completely understand heat and humidity living in Florida. Take care of yourself in the heat, it can really zap your strength. Love your beautiful flowers and garden.

Faith said...

I can identify with the hot and humid. Ours finally broke and brought great relief on Friday night. Yesterday was an absolutley perfect summer day. NO humidity and temps in mid 70s with a breeze. I spent a LOT of time doing yard work and reading in the swing. TOday started out beautiful and now in late afternoon it is raining again.

I'm glad you explained about the blog header. I actually thought they were clouds gone bad. :D

Yeah for all that fresh produce and herbs!! we LOVE pesto in this house.

Let's pray for sunshine and cooler temps!
Have a happy week full of good things to be thankful for.

Barbara Harper said...

We're the same--it's been almost too hot and humid to do anything outside. We had lunch at the pavilion at church today, and the rain from last night cooled things off nicely. It's hard to do outdoor projects in the heat. It's nice to see progress bit by bit. We want to put up a pergola, too. We have a patio, but it's too bright out there some parts of the day.

Beautiful flowers!

ellen b. said...

Hot and humid, not my cup of tea. Glad to hear you are enjoying the fruits of your labor from the garden. I'm glad we are coming east in the fall...

Susanne said...

Very hot here too, though, it is more of a dry heat. We've had tons of thunderstorm warnings too which does break the heat but here there is the danger of bad hail. Love the flower pictures! The pergola sounds lovely and enjoy that fire pit when it's done. I've been trying to talk hubby into one for years but he's just not interested.