Friday, July 30, 2021

Closing Out July

Late again, but I'm here now on this next to the last day of July.  I spent quite a bit of time today waiting around for other people to complete medical appointments (I was the driver).  Then The Professor and I took the New Boy shopping for clothes to wear to a wedding tomorrow--nothing fancy, but Oh My!  He has been growing and growing and needed shirts and slacks and shoes that fit.  Now I'm home and enjoying a relaxed evening, some time to reflect on the blessings of this past week.  Here is Willow's Week in Friday Fave Fives! (follow the link to join!)

1.  My cousin and her husband visited and stayed for two days.  We haven't seen each other very often since we were early teenagers (her) and lower middle school (me).  Maybe a total of less than 10 times in all those years.  We settled right in to our childhood interactions with her bossing me around as the older cousin and me being snippy back at her.  It was great!  Since she is moving a (long) day's drive from me, maybe we'll see each other more often now.

2.  Good news from our uncle who is 94!  We were told he has been put on hospice care.  My brother lives fairly close and went to see him.  The news today is that he has rallied and is eating and drinking. (and is as grumpy as ever--heehee!)  I'm thankful for this news.

3.  So much yumminess from our garden.  The cherry tomatoes, those little mouthful bites of sweetness, the lettuce, snap peas and kale!  I can walk out my back door, take a few steps, lean over and pick our dinner salad!

4.  Air conditioning.  The heat has been getting to me.  When I walk into the house from outside, it's a welcoming coolness.

5.  Yesterday, we welcomed a rainy and stormy day.  After a week of high humidity, it felt wonderful to be cooler.  And the other reason to appreciate the rain?  I didn't have to water the garden.

These are five simple happenings in my life this week--I am thankful!

I did write a post about the fairy forest we visited last week.  If you missed it, you can click HERE to read about it and see the photos.


R's Rue said...

I’m grateful for finding your blog. I hope you continue to find joy in gratitude. Have a blessed one.

Anonymous said...

Your garden sounds delightful. A salad you grow yourself is especially delicious. I’m in the UP, enjoying lots of good food from my son and dil’s gardens. Not having to water the garden? What a blessing! I’m so glad you’ve had time with family and friends recently. I hope it is keeping you from being homesick for your former home. Mary

Deb J. in Utah said...

I loved the pictures from your nearby Fairy Forest. So great that you saw your cousin. I love getting together with my cousin who is two years younger than me. She is a great friend. Love that your garden is doing so well. Garden fresh cherry tomatoes are the best! I hope that all the medical appointments went well, and the wedding is as wonderful as weddings should be. Have a great weekend. See you again soon!

ellen b. said...

I do love it when God waters the yard for me! Sounds like a good and varied week. We are thanking God for air conditioning for sure!! Happy weekend to you.

Terra said...

Salads from our very own gardens are the best. How good to reconnect with your cousin and resume your roles from childhood.

Barbara Harper said...

Good news about your uncle, and how fun to visit with a cousin. I had lost touch with several of mine and just reconnected with one on FaceBook. Amen to AC--I don't know how people function without it. Nice to have salad makings just outside! The fairy forest is a neat idea--such cute little houses.

nikkipolani said...

Boy, does that AC fave resonate with me. We're ramping up our frequency of heat waves with today's high at 97F. Glad you are getting to reconnect with your dear ones.

Faith said...

Here in Eastern New York we have had a near perfect week, weather wise!! Temps fell into the mid 70s (my absolute fave!!) and one night it got down to 49 at my sister Hope's house out in central NYS (she lives in the woods about 1.5 hours west of us). I JUST love that the humidity has been broken and the rain seems to have stopped. July was VERY hot and humid and RAINY!!

Praise God about your uncle and that you had time with your cousin.

YUMMMY....fresh of my faves too!!

Have a great week!