Friday, May 26, 2023

Expressing My Gratitude


quote from Pastor Jim Larson

So let us express our gratitude.

One way to do this is with Friday Fave Fives.  I join other people who want to be grateful for the blessings in their lives (the link takes you to Susanne's website to read more and write your own post)

1, 2, and 3.  Because the invasive Japanese beetles were chewing and destroying the sand cherry bushes in front of our living room windows (and because the bushes grew aggressively tall), we pulled them out.  (we meaning The Professor, Tall Boy and Y)  This week we bought new replacements:  boxwood! (that's #1)  Then, Tall Boy and The Professor put one boxwood in one day after school (#2).  Yesterday, when E and Y were here to grab some moving boxes from us, Y dug three more holes and placed in the rest of the boxwood plants. (#3) Now we have a new look starting in our front garden!

4.  One morning this week, I drove out to my friend's home and walked with her around her property to search for any medicinal plants that might be growing in her woods.  Besides learning what grows wild around here, it was just fun to spend that time with her.

5.  The grandkids' school year is over!  We celebrated by having dinner together at a favorite restaurant, Bombay Garden, where they serve both Greek and Indian food.  And both are delicious.  Congratulations to Tall Boy, Tall Girl and Short(ish) Boy for a job well done!  Congratulations to the moms who got them up every day, fed them and made them do their homework.  And thank you to all the great teachers!  Now let's enjoy the summer.


Pamela M. Steiner said...

Sounds like you've been busy in the botanical world around you. I wonder what those plants you found in the woods are, and how they are beneficial. Congratulations to the grandkids on their achievements in getting through the school year and ready for the next! I hope they have a wonderful summer!! I always remember the last day of school and how great it felt to be "FREE!" Happy days are here again!! Have fun!

ellen b. said...

Now there's a combo you don't see often, Greek and Indian! Congrats to your grands. Happy gardening to you!

Barbara H. said...

That's great that you got the old bushes out and boxwoods in, and had such good help.

I'm reading a book set in the 1700s in which one character looks for herbs and such for medicines. It's sad that we've lost a lot of that information.

We had an end-of-school-year get-together, too. Fun!

nikkipolani said...

Those beetles are some of the most destructive creatures! Glad you've (the royal you) found something they won't eat to smithereens. (But now you have me looking up sand cherry bushes...)

Your kick off to the summer sounds like a most enjoyable meal together. Happy summer to you, too!

Faith said...

What a great list of faves!!

Congrats to your grands for being done with school and starting their summer vacation.

I have to go until June 23rd and then DONE DONE DONE. you KNOW i'm looking forward to retirement.

We LOVE indian food as well as greek although I haven't had a lot of Greek food as those places are few and far between around here. We did discover a GREAT pakistani/Indian restaurant last month and plan on going there more often.


Susanne said...

Greek and Indian in one restaurant that is unique. Everyone is sure to find something they like there. How fun to have a fresh new look with new bushes. And to have strong arms to help with the digging and planting.