Sunday, April 09, 2006

Back Again

I haven't written for almost a month. I check Dan's and Deb's blogs every day but I don't think about writing in mine. I figure no one reads it, anyway. So, if you read my blog, let me know and maybe I'll be inspired to write more often.

Dan sent me a post about a group of blogger knitters who took photos of their yarn stashes. I looked at them all and envied their large piles of yarn and had to stop because I really wanted some of that yarn! All of my yarn (except some handspun stuff) fits in one dresser with four drawers. It would fit in two of the drawers if I filled them up, but I like to be able to find my yarn easily.

Right now I'm knitting a pair of white socks. The tops have lace cuffs. I've finished the first sock and am well into the second.

Also, I took the plunge and ordered The Knitting Guild Association's Hand Knitting Master's Level Three last week! I'm looking forward to getting the directions and looking through them. I'm not sure I'm looking forward to all the work, but it will be a good learning experience and I want to reach the goal of being a Master Knitter.

Off to watch another episode of Foyle's War!


sereknitty72 said...

I like Foyle's War too! It's perfect to sit and knit and watch!

Willow said...

We get Foyle's War dvds from netflix. Last night I spun some brown wool from Vancouver Island and watched another episode.

Kiti said...

Mumsie, I check your blog nearly every day. Post more!

Graf Spee said...

I think you know I check it, but I'll let you know anyway. :}

Melissa P. said...

I've never heard of anyone being a Master Knitter in my entire 24 years of life.

Willow, I get the impression that you are a very unique person. =)