Tuesday, May 16, 2006


I think we were all a little sluggish this morning after our long weekend. I know my students were---uh, what's a "g"?

We had a nice little Mother's Day dinner with just J, the boys and me at Thai Dishes in El Segundo this evening. Mmmm, that's good food there. The waiter brought us complimentary cups of chicken/cabbage/tofu soup to go with our spring rolls. Usually, IMHO, Asian soups are watery and not too tasty, but this soup was good. We added curry, spicy chicken and pad thai and thai iced tea for a great celebration with plenty of leftovers. If you are ever in Los Angeles, stranded at LAX, and need food, grab a taxi and yell, "Thai Dishes on Aviation!" and you'll get a great meal close to the airport.

My lunch companions at school accuse Classie and me of always talking about food and cooking. Well, we're good cooks and recognize a kindred spirit. I know Classie will love a taste of my pad thai and green curry tomorrow at lunch.

Oh wait. I will be playing chauffeur to Dan in the morning for what we hope is the last of several attempts to get the US military machine to give an eye exam which is the final step on his way to becoming a US Army Chaplain. This visit to LA MEPS means leaving the house at 6:15am and arriving there at 7, my hanging around for umpteen hours waiting for Dan to call and say he's done and I can pick him up. Fortunately I have yet another Dick Francis mystery and plenty of knitting* to keep me occupied.

Mia had given me some roses on Saturday and I picked up more roses from the tables at HOB on Sunday so I had them in the car in a Coffee Bean cup on the way home. Some of the petals began falling off in the car so I put them on the dashboard. While we were in McQuickfood's grabbing lunch I left the petals and when we got back in the car, what did I have? Potpourri! Smelled great all the way home. Now I know how to dehydrate my flowers! I wonder if it would work for veggies...and I wonder what J would say if I tried it.

*still working on the grey and white from the neck down raglan cardigan with hood for Baby Angel Maaz. Time to start on another TKGA swatch, this time a slip stitch or maybe the mosaic swatch.

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