Tuesday, May 02, 2006


I am happy to be home. I love to travel and visit dear friends (Sandy, Martha, Joy, Jennifer, Melissa, Jane) and dearest daughters (Deb and Mia) and see interesting places (Visalia, Morro Bay, Camarillo, Oxnard, San Diego) but I love to come home too. I've been gone parts of the past three weeks. It's time to be home, clean, organize, rest.

About Master Hand Knitting: it's challenging. I'm already learning a lot. I had never heard of tubular bind off, but I found it in a book in Beverly Fabrics in Visalia. I bought the book and have studied the technique but not tried it yet. I actually fell asleep Sunday night mentally binding off. Am I obsessed or what?

I realized after knitting 9 of 18 swatches that MAYBE I should be making a border around the edges of each swatch. Hmmm. I have tried to log into TKGA website for Master Knitters to ask but can't remember my password and can't get a reply from them since our email crashed on Saturday, we lost ALL our inbox (which had the old email with the password), and John had to redo it, whatever he did.

I have been reading blogs. I've noticed that there is a huge community of interconnected people from all over the world. I've been exploring the knitting world and have realized that I'm a very little player in a big, big pond. At least from what I see on the blogs. I sure know that I am not digital camera savvy. I love the photos people post, but I somehow get the impression that some people are just trying to outdo each other in some kind of post our photos competition.

Did you, gentle reader, notice that there is no political commentary on the immigration issue on this blog? There will be no comment from me on this topic in this blog. That doesn't mean I have no opinion.

Next blog? Stay tuned for crazy quotes from A Series of Unfortunate Events.

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