Monday, May 08, 2006


As usual our weekend was packed with fun and games.

Games: Mike's softball game in Long Beach. We watched after attending church. Mike's team lost 20-15, but it was a fun game. I like soft ball (slow pitch) better than base ball because there's more action. One of Mike's teammates ALWAYS hits the ball out of the park. It must be fun!

Fun: After cleaning the place on Saturday, John and I rewarded ourselves with a beach walk in Manhattan Beach--found FREE parking!, a stop at Starbuck's for coffee, then an hour of walking along the shore. We usually walk on the sidewalk (The Strand) but this time I took my shoes off and walked in the sand right at the edge of the water. Got my feet wet a few times. It was windy and about 65. The LAFD was holding swimming safety drills for the academy. Hmmm, our nephew Bob is at LAFD academy, but I didn't see him there. Must be on a different rotation.

Fun: After said ball game we had late lunch with Mike and some teammates at Red Sesame, a fast food Thai restaurant in El Segundo.

Fun: We watched Jumping Jack Flash Saturday night while I spun some more of the Cowichan wool. I know it "should" be spun thick, but I don't like thick yarn, so I'm spinning it sport weight.

More fun: I did some knitting on the pink baby sweater but it is mindless knitting and not all that interesting. I still am trying to get into the TKGA site and ask about the swatch borders and I don't want to knit any more swatches until I get my answer.

Lots more fun: CAbi (Carol Anderson) opened her warehouse sale for World Impact people so Mary and I went on Friday afternoon and had a heyday--total of 16 tops, 3 jackets and 2 skirts--all for about $150! Now THAT'S a bargain since one sweater had a retail tag of $105. Carol designs beautiful stuff and so many of her clothes are my style.

Tonight: Go see Deb who is in Fullerton for work! And get gelato and pretend I'm in Rome!

Promised: John said he'd show me how to import photos!

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