Monday, May 15, 2006

Wonderful Weekend

San Diego. It's a great town to visit. J and I and 65 of our best friends (read: World Impact Los Angeles staff) went down to San Diego on Saturday and returned this afternoon. Why? Because a famous TV show rented one of our houses for an episode and paid $$$$$ and we got to use it for a celebration weekend. Our all together activities were Chinese dinner on Sat night and House of Blues Gospel Brunch on Sunday. Mia was with us until mid day and that was lovely. We stayed at Posh Hotel with Pool and Hot Tub (PHPHT) which we thoroughly enjoyed using.

We've been to San Diego before and so we revisited Old Town and Mission San Diego de Acala. Also visited Gaslamp Quarter and University of San Diego. If you like trendy hip shops and restaurants in old remodeled buildings, then GQ is for you. We were disappointed as we were hoping for some really cool old architecture. Which is what we found at USD. Even though the buildings are not old (USD was founded in 1949), the architecture is stunning. I always love visiting the old missions and Mission San Diego is one of my favorites. And the gardens are my favorite places. I wandered around and got some new ideas. I had never thought of planting calla lilies in pots; I'm going to try it. When the pots are done I'll post some pictures...because...

Yes, I have scored a digital camera! It's actually Mike's and Mia was borrowing it, but now it's in MY possession! heheh...they'll never get it back...

Mother's Day was wonderful because all my children called. I have the world's best children, smile.

PHPHT had a courtyard filled with pools stocked with koi. When you are riding the elevator up and down you can look out the window and view the pools. It got me to thinking, I'd like a koi pool someday...

On the knitting front, I think I've figured out the tubular bind off. I practiced several variations and found one I can do that looks well with the tubular cast on. I'll photograph the swatch after it's blocked. I am knitting a gray and white sweater for the Maaz baby who will show up in July and is a boy. (No name yet, although his 3yo sister told me last night at dinner she thinks he should be named Angel.) I am doing a two color slip stitch pattern on the body. I have done the pattern before on caps for the family men, using three colors--light blue, dark blue and gold--for UCLA--but I decided that two colors is enough for a baby sweater.

If you get the magazine CastOn look in the current issue, page 68, and find my name listed as having completed Level Two of the Master Knitting Program.

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