Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Yesterday morning and this morning I read SATs to one of my students and to a boy who was absent on Monday. My 2nd grader is so sweet; she reads and if she messes up a word I help her and she never gets frustrated with me. I'm so pleased with her progress and her obvious intelligence. As long as she knows the words on the paper, she gets almost everything correct on the test.

The other boy? After telling me that he is smarter than he looks and that he is really smart, he ended up missing about 1/2 of the questions in the listening section. Maybe he just doesn't listen.

I've finished the body of the baby sweater. I love this pattern because I don't have to sew up any seams. I decided to make it plain, just pink and no fancy stitches, because I am making the smallest size. If I knit a second sweater for Aubrey I'll knit up something a bit more fancy.

Just found out our neighbor to the north is leaving World Impact employment and moving out of the townhouse. I hope the place doesn't stay empty long. Houses in this neighborhood don't stay empty...uninvited guests move in. There's a lot of graffitti on the building next door to us. I reported it to maintenance. I hope it gets cleaned up soon since graffitti begets graffitti.

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K-W said...

Thanks for your kind comment over on my blog! The place in question is outside Salem, in the town of Turner.