Tuesday, January 30, 2007


This morning I tested three third graders. Two of the students I've known for several years as they were at the Watts school. I spent a bit more time with the girl because I tutored her last year and we just chatted about her family's problems for a while.

Now I am editing letters for the City Administrator (not of Los Angeles--of the ministry). I'm actually a pretty good editor and so for the past several months I've helped with the first reviews of all LA staff monthly news letters. I enjoy doing it...


I'd much rather be knitting my blanket.

Teacher staff meeting at 2:30 will provide some knitting time. The other teachers are used to my bringing knitting to meetings.

Back to split infinitives, not matching pronouns, and incomplete sentences. These are from the adults.

Kids I understand (these are exact replicas of the sentences my students wrote this morning):

The cat play and it was fun.
I will be time to eat soon.
Its' time eat soon.
You learn word spell
A athlete performed a energey skill show.
My cat to play it fun.
I wish my coach woud hurry in teach score!

and my favorite sentence of the day:

Inside Gray kitten we cook!


JulieLoves2Knit said...

How lucky these kids are to have a good tutor. Learning to write is so important!
By the way - the pictures were of the Metolius River - which eventually flows into the Deschutes. The pictures were taken near where I work in Camp Sherman - and where Roxie spent much of her childhood - did you know we went to high school together and that our blogging reunited us? Very small world isn't it!
I used to live in a little cabin south of Sunriver - came there right out of college to work as the Naturalist at Sunriver. Lucky me! I bet it is in the same area as your friends!

roxie said...

I do feel some concern for the Gray kitten. Please tell me we are not talking cat tacos here.

Your erudition and attention to detail must be such a blessing to those letter writers. Good for you, Linda!

I am thrilled that you are enjoying the random process! Yayy! Isn't it fun to see how each square changes the look of the whole blanket? Good for you!