Thursday, February 01, 2007

February Blues

As in mostly blue sky, blue batik tablecloth on the dining half of the tables. (Explanation-- this little house doesn't have a separate dining room, but we have two tables--fortunately almost identical-we planned it that way--and since our wireless does not have a strong enough signal in the "office"-big wide hallway- our laptops are perched on the smaller table by the dining room window on the other half of the tables)

I am getting the house ready for company. John's cousins are coming tomorrow from Ioway and will stay several days. Room in back is ready for company. Soup is cooked for tomorrow's lunch, laundry is caught up, house is clean (thanks to a friend who needs a little extra cash right now-that symbiotic relationship again). And we have ordered warm weather for the weekend-the forecast is for highs in the 80s.

I taught the letter "f" this morning as well as played sight word bingo. Then I had some soup at school and came on home. I've been running around for 4+ hours and I just realized I'm pooped. So I have my choc hotolate and I'm getting ready to knit a few rows on the blanket.

I also felted three red sweaters, one pink sweater and a brown blanket this afternoon. Guess what I'm going to do with those??

A word of explanation about the Gray Kitten-- I 'think' he meant gray kitchen, but you know you can never be sure so maybe I should check, huh?

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roxie said...

Felted sweaters can become purses, pillows, or patchwork blankets.

Thanks for clearing that up about the gray kitchen. I was worried about the kitties.