Monday, February 12, 2007


The Beaches Blanket is rolling in. It will soon be at high tide.

I have been working long hours on the level three certification. Today I typed up several swatch patterns. It is really tiring for me to work that long on the computer and concentrate that hard on what I am typing.
I reworked the duplicate stitch swatch and I am much happier with it now. It looks much better.

This close up of the swatch shows that I fixed all the cross overs.

The weekend was busy. On Saturday morning we rode our bikes 11 1/2 miles. I am definitely out of shape for biking. Walking uses a different set of muscles. I need to cross train more.
Today's 3 1/2 mile walk took us north of the 10 Fwy into a couple of neighborhoods that 70 years ago were considered very desirable places to live. The houses in general are being restored and the area gentrified. What lovely, gracious ladies those houses were!
Today marks the day between the days of my parents' death. My father passed away on Feb 11th and my mother on Feb 13th.

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roxie said...

The swatch looks great! And good for you for hammering away at the typing! The afghan is wonderful! Good for you! Are you feeling happy with it? I love the two-color square next to the all grey square. What a fun effect!