Monday, February 26, 2007

What Part Is Alive And Well?

I am well and alive. My computer is working perfectly. My knitting needles are clicking and clacking cheerily. My students are (mostly) well and learning.

What is not well and is mostly dead is my internet connection. We piggyback on the ministry network and the middle of last week, all of a sudden, we weren't getting a signal. The IT guy came over, still intermittent coverage. And now, nothing.

What's a girl to do? Pack up the laptop, run over to John's office and post a quick note.

So, yeah, I'm ok, just wirelessless.

Chaplain Dan came Thursday night and left Sunday morning. He was attending some kind of Army training in the area, and we enjoyed seeing him briefly each evening.

Mia came up on the train on Friday (doesn't that sound romantic?) and in the afternoon we took a quick trip over to LA's Fashion District to look for material. She found some sweet material for a summer dress--$1.00 yard! My wool for felting is harder to find and so, more expensive. But one piece is an incredible purplish blue. Then on Saturday morning we drove to Sun City, in the desert east of San Diego, for a bridal shower, over the mountains to Oceanside, where Mia caught the Coaster back to Chula Vista. I drove home and pulled into the driveway a tired little kitty. Almost 200 miles. But the shower was fun and lovely and I was pleased to be included in the festivities.

Alas, no photos. BUT the Beaches Blanket is eleven blocks from completion!


roxie said...

No internet connection? No problem. Willow solves it with her usual wit and grace!

Sounds like a wonderful weekend. Mia traveling by train - how very British!

Only eleven blocks till the end of the Beaches afghan? Oh my gosh!! I can hardly wait!

How goes the Master Knitter's program?

Kiti said...

Mumsi, glad you had a good weekend. I didn't. I've been sick and am still sick. =(

Glad your beaches blanket is going swimmingly.