Tuesday, February 06, 2007


On the list of to do projects are two "new baby" sweaters for two sisters at our church who either have just had a girl or are going to have a girl soon.

Another to do sweater will be going to my great niece, LAJ, who just turned one year old. She is going to get a sweater and hat combo in rich, yummmmmy chocolate brown with an accent color for fun.

I am feeling the push to get more done on the level three certification. My biggest obstacle is my perfectionism. Each item must be as perfect as I can make it, so I reknit, tink, frog and redesign way too much. I should just get on with it, huh?

My goal is to work 15 minutes every day on the certification. Maybe if I do it in baby steps I'll actually finish.

I have registered to participate in the L.A. Marathon 5K walk on March 4th! A school friend is registered, too. I've been walking almost every day. Tonight John and I did 4 miles. Last night I didn't walk but instead I did two 15 minutes sessions on my elliptical machine because everyone knows that a woman by herself should not be walking the streets on South Central LA after dark and John was teaching his class at the Union Rescue Mission at 5th and San Pedro. John registered for the LA Marathon bike tour--22 miles. He rode 8.5 miles this afternoon.

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roxie said...

You trooper! March 4 is coming right up, however, and 4 miles is NOT a marathon. Think you'll be up for it? I'm so glad to hear that you are NOT walking alone at night!

Perfectionism sure can be a stumbling block. It's a good servant but a horrible master. What would happen if you sent something in that was less than the best you could possibly do?