Monday, February 19, 2007

Home Again

I woke up to rain this morning in Chula Vista. We were there visiting Mia and Tim. Saturday and Sunday were nice, warm and sunny. John took a bike ride after he and Tim went to the guitar store. Mia and I knitted, watched Pride and Prejudice and drank tea. In the evening after a lovely roast chicken dinner cooked by Mia, we went and sat in the hot tub, as we had on Saturday night. I had planned to ride bikes with John this morning, but instead, because of the rain, we walked over to get coffee and waited until Tim and Mia were up.

I like San Diego County. It is more laid back than Los Angeles County, obviously overall more suburban and in the eastern county, more rural. At least where Tim and Mia are, it is cleaner and the air is cleaner.

Mia and I knitted and knitted. I had brought books to read, too, but when we got there, I just crashed and all I did was knit on the Beaches Blanket and a little green baby sweater. I didn't even take a single photo.

Whenever we drive down I-5 through south Orange County and into San Diego County, I delight in the ocean views. I usually state every mile or so, "This is so beautiful! I love looking at the ocean!" or "Isn't that gorgeous? Look at the ocean there!" I really am an ocean and beach person.


roxie said...

Wonderful photos! thanks for sharin.

And what a splendid weekend you had. How idylic! Bet the beaches blanket really grew by leaps and bounds!

roxie said...

Are you feeling ok, Linda? Been a while since we heard from you.