Friday, February 09, 2007


and seeing Chaplain Dan who is coming for a chaplain's conference today and will be staying with us through Sunday morning. Sadly, Jennifer is not accompanying him.

and recuperating from my dentist visit this morning.

and helping with a wedding reception, then attending it.

and having coffee with friends after the reception.

I am writing up the instructions for my entrelac swatch. I've realized that the only way I'm going to get in writing correctly is to knit another swatch and write as I go. I'm on the second set of triangles/rectangles, have three more 'sets' to write.

I also restitched the duplicate stitch on the duplicate stitch swatch. It looks much better. I blocked it yesterday and now it's drying on the ironing board.

Last night we walked about 2.5 miles. It was a short one because we had small group meeting last night and we just walked down to 28th st and then on to Jefferson and then back up to 28th. Then after small group we walked home along Vermont so we could stop at Ralph's for milk and bananas. This living close to stores and work is a great thing. We are walking so much more, saving gas money and depreciation on our six year old car.

Weekend knitting will include more work on the Beaches Blanket, entrelac swatch, and I think a try on Roxie's square beret. Thanks, Roxie, for sharing the pattern. I will never reach anywhere near the same level of creativity and design quality of your work.

Dear readers, Roxie is the most amazing woman who taught me to spin and encouraged me to do the TKGA certifications in hand knitting, and every day I think of her and thank her in my mind (except for the days I have a tantrum over how difficult one of the swatches is and then I want to throw sharp and heavy things at her effigy). Roxie is my knitting mentor and when she produces yet another incredible piece of work that uses design ideas I can't even imagine trying and says they're easy, I know I'll never be a true master knitter like Roxie. I remember back in the day when she pulled out a mobius scarf she was knitting and I just stared. How did she do that??? And now she's a published writer of fantasy books. Sanna, Sorceress Apprentice is her first book. If you like fantasy and any kind of needlecraft, you'll like this book.


roxie said...

I kiss your hands and feet. I will save this post for the black days when I feel like slug slime. Thank you Linda! Thank you so much! God bless your dear generous heart! You make me smile all over my face.

Kiti said...

Mumsie, I wish I could join the family down south. I miss you all.