Wednesday, February 07, 2007


Roxie asks a good question. What if I send in something to the knitting guild that is not my best work? Two possibilities--it passes anyway or I have to redo it. I've actually been thinking about this for awhile. I want to get on with my life and knitting and I am tired of having this thing hanging over my head. I really want the certificate so I'm going to finish because it's important to me.

I am pulling out and redoing a duplicate stitch swatch because I see a couple of small problems with my duplicate stitches looking like they are twisted. So. If I sent it in anyway, it MIGHT pass. I found a couple of stitches in my intarsia swatch where my yarn split and I decided I'm not going to redo it because it doesn't affect my intarsia pattern at all. But the swatch that requires me to do all kinds of decrease stitches with yarn overs is confusing and I think I messed up a couple of decreases, so I'm going to look it over and probably rework it. The entrelac is going as is. If I have to redo it later, so be it. I'm sick of it for now.

I remember that in doing the research for the history of knitting report in level 2, I researched off and on for A YEAR! Admittedly, I was also moving and teaching, but eventually I had to laugh at myself. Enough already. This is a TWO PAGE REPORT!

In other late breaking news, our heater seems to be broken again. It is blowing cold air out the vents even though the whole thing is turned off. This is the same problem we had in November. One may think that not having a heater in Los Angeles is no big deal. But our nights do get cold and I for one do not enjoy sitting around in a house where the temperature is 52 degrees. It is not sunny this morning. All I see out our kitchen window are very slow cars on the 10 Fwy and gray sky.


Unknown said...

Hope you get your heater fixed. We are expecting snow here (very excitedly expecting, in the case of the children) and I am pleased to report our heating is all working well.

Thank you for your comment on my post. In answer to your question, the plate isn't one of mine, but I bought it as inspiration and have used very similar glazes. It is in fact the base of a cheese dome and I love that pale stoneware glaze, it is such a lovely background for food.

roxie said...

Yay Linda! I can just see those white knuckles releasing their grip on complete control! Deep breath. Big sigh. Look, look, the sky didn't fall!

Hey, if sloppy, casual old me can get the certificate, you can breeze through it!

Basic Square Hat pattern. With worsted weight wool and size 7 20 inch circular needlees, cast on 96 stitches and knit two inches of k2, p2 ribbing. Place marker, knit 24. Repeat three more times. Knit around, increasing before and after the marker every other row untill it's big enough (This is entirely up to you. You can't do this wrong!)Then DECREASE before and after the markers every other row until four stitches remain. It's fun to do a couple rounds of I-cord to make a cute little point on the top.

OK, take this pattern and run. How many ways can you vary it?

This, by the way, is a big gift from me, because I am jealous of how well you do with your knitting when you take one of my casual ideas and polish it up to a masterpiece. My inner brat whines, "Let her have her own ideas. When she takes my creations and makes them perfect, I feel diminished." Well, too bad for the brat. My inner grown-up is pleased and honored that you like my creativity enough to take it and run. Good luck with it and have fun putting in those cables!!