Thursday, February 15, 2007

still counting

According to Roxie's definition, yes, I did my 100 chores and then some! Yeah for me! And I solved the problem of what rug would fit in the front of the door (where you step directly on to the carpet as you walk in from the porch)! So I get 99 points just for that.

This is how I spend my mornings. I help students do things like identify vowel sounds so they can sound out and read words. We work on "i" sounds, move on to "a" and "e". Next week, we'll review them so we are sure we can always identify these sounds wherever we might find them--in books, on billboards, on cereal boxes, in stores--the options are limitless! My goal: these kids will move into adulthood with confidence in their abilities to succeed.

I've realized that I will never change the world. If I change one kid's prospects for a successful life and career, I myself am successful in my job.


Mama Mia said...

Mums, you are so talented. Really, the work you do with those kids is so beneficial and good, but also just the time and attention you lavish on them and the example you are to them is beyond measured sucess.

miss you!

roxie said...

Change is not an either / or state. We all influence everyone we come in contact with, and they influence us. You are a positive influence on everyone around you in a gazillion ways! Ok, your work here is done. Now what? (Teehee!)Bless your dear heart.