Wednesday, December 05, 2007

It's A Small World After All

Have you ever been to Disneyland in California and gone on the ride It's A Small World? Or have you ever sung the little song with the same name that plays over and over while you are on the ride?

It's a small world after all,

It's a small world after all,

It's a small world after all,

It's a small, small world!

There are many connections around the world especially now with email, cell phones and blogs.

Several months ago I stumbled, and who remembers how, across a blog titled, Ramblings From an English Garden. I love anything English and I love gardens, so I clicked on it, and found my way to Barbara's blog.

Do you do this? Do you look at the side bar links and randomly click on interesting sounding blogs? Who could resist a blog named Much Ado About Something? It's right out of Shakespeare. So I began regularly reading Sara's blog.

One day, Sara happened to mention a place in her home town and I realized she lived in the town where I attended church until we moved to Camarillo. It turns out that we had actually attended the same church for over four years and normally sat about twenty feet away from each other. But we had never met. This may sound strange to people who attend churches with small congregations, but our church is quite large.

The Professor and I were back in the Los Angeles area over the weekend and attended the morning service at our old church. I had let Sara know and we arranged to meet after church. It was just like seeing an old friend who I hadn't seen for a long time. And we were able to meet CT, Sara's husband, as well.

What a Small World!


Becky said...

It is a small world.

roxie said...

And a world with you in it is so much nicer!

Mary said...


I have been on the Small World ride in Disney World. Isn't it fantastic? And yes, it is a very small world. I'm glad you were able to attend church and get together with your friend. It's a lovely photo.


Anonymous said...

Ack. Now I'm going to be humming that tune all day.
And you are right about small world. Glad you got connected again with your friend.

Robin said...

I love it when things like that happen!

Barbara said...

Sara and Willow how exciting.I just want to meet all my blogging friends. At least I got to meet Linds from Rockign Chair Reflections.
I am so glad that I had a part in bringing you two together.

Bethany said...

What a perfect song for our blog world! I now say I have friends all over the world through blogging and I love it! That's so funny that you actually found each other!!! I have one "friend" who is going to be out in my part of the country soon and we might possibly be able to meet!! It's just wonderful.

Barbara said...

I put the picture in a folder I have in my software photo album for blogging friends.

Heather said...

I thought I failed horribly at being at parent all in one moment... when my then 6 year old said when will this ride be over. I can't stand this song... they are saying the same thing over and over. I was stuned. I almost fell out of the little ride boat as it came to rest at the exiting dock. She loved all of Disney World... but for the Small World ride. One I love. And my littlest loved. Oh well... she shares a
Haunted Mansion Bond with me at least.