Saturday, December 29, 2007

Best of 2007--Water

Somewhere I read a blog (I think I remember where, but I don't have time to make sure and put the link up cuz we're on the way out the door to attend a wedding, and I will do that as soon as I have time) about posting your favorite or best photo for 2007. UPDATE: the meme about posting your favorite photo of 2007 originated here: . The blog is written in Finnish. I saw the reference to the meme here: . I have thought about it and looked through all my photos, but I could not choose just one. So, I am going to post, over the next few days, the Best of 2007: Water, Earth, Air and Fire. I am supposed to tell when, where, what and which camera. All the photos were taken with my sweet little Canon Power Shot SD 600.

Woman Against the Sea

Manhattan Beach Pier, Manhattan Beach, California

31 July 2007


roxie said...

Yay Willow! Wonderful idea for blogging. YOu are so thoughtful.

Sara at Come Away With Me said...

Ah California, summer, and the Pacific Ocean! Great shot.

Bethany said...

That is a great photograph!!! Love it! And I hope you are having fun at the wedding! :)

Barbara said...

Will be looking forward to the other three, and more.
The Green Year book sounds fascinating.
Thanks for your visits and comments.
Blessings for 2008

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year 2008!

Nice to see that you find up the meme.
My blog is only in Finnish (because my poor English)

kate said...

I love the title, 'Water - Woman Against the Sea' and the brilliant colour of the water. Sigh ...