Saturday, November 28, 2015

November Thankfulness #27 and #28

November 27th, Friday
I have spent the whole day thinking and acting as if it is Saturday.  As The Professor noted, "We have three consecutive days of 'Saturday'."  Today I am thankful for the beautiful place I live where we can hike in the hills nearby.

November 28th, Saturday
Today I'm thankful for healing and comforting tea.  Yes, we did pull out the Christmas mugs yesterday!  I have been hibernating all day nursing the beginnings of a virus or cold.  Gypsy Cold Care tea.  Echinacea drops.  Airborne.

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Monica said...

Hope you enjoyed your time off! I know I did. I got a lot done (still working on some things today). It is a blessing to live where you can get out and enjoy nature. Whatever that looks like.
Hope you get to feeling better! Have been very lucky here! No colds/virus for me yet. ;)