Friday, May 07, 2021

It's May!


Hello Friday Afternoon!  It's the first Friday in May.  The weather is, umm, notable.  Cool and rainy interspersed with sunshine and wind.  Later on this afternoon, we will be attending our granddaughter's invitational track meet.  Hoping the weather holds...

1.  Older Daughter's repair work in her house is finished! (only part of the garage walls need to be replaced)  This is a huge deal since her home and neighborhood flooded more than a year ago.  Now the next step can begin--putting the main level back together again.  I'm thankful this is done.

2.  When I was dropping off a donation bag to the local Heartbeats (pregnancy) center, I met a woman who shares my love of all things fiber related.  She gave me information on places where I can give some of my knitted hats to people who have lost their hair due to medical issues such as chemotherapy.  I love making those connections.

3.  Do you love your library?  I am thankful that our library can access and provide books from all over the state.  I requested a book and when it arrived, I noted that it is from a library several counties away from here.  I love having so many books available to me.

4.  The repairman came and fixed our microwave!  Yay!

5.  I think I am thankful that The Professor and I have had our second vaccine shots.  It happened yesterday.  I feel horrible not great with chills, fatigue and headache.  I'll let you know in couple of days...  in the meantime, I am spending a lot of time reading, resting and knitting.  Here is a sample:  two hats finished and a sweater almost done.  For one of my best friend's new grandson!


Faith said...

I love those shades of blue in your knitted items!

Yay for getting the 2nd dose. I hope your side effects dissipate quickly. After mine i just craved grilled chicken and fries and was a little tired. Hahahaha

How fun to meet someone with your love of fibers and to find new places to explore.

It was sunny all day here yesterday and today and now clouds are moving in from the west, maybe that means you guys are getting our sunshine!?

Have a happy weekend and enjoy that track meet!

Wendy said...

Oh I hope you feel better soon but good to be vaccinated. Hubby felt quite unwell after both his jabs but I just had a sore arm. Your daughter must be relieved to be getting all the repairs done. Flooding must be a nightmare to deal with. Enjoy your resting time and have a good weekend.

Barbara Harper said...

My d-i-l experienced chills and fever after her vaccine. It lasted about a day. I hope yours dissipates soon and you feel back to normal.

Yay for finished repair work. That's so neat to make the connection about the hats. That sweater looks so cute--I love blue.

I do love our library. I like being able to put books on hold from the computer at home and pick them up.

Deb said...

Hope you are feeling better soon after your second vaccine. I felt kind of rough for a couple of days, but also so relieved. So glad the repair work at your daughter's home is getting finished. I love my local library too. I love having lots of book choices. Hope you have a great weekend and feel better soon. So glad you and the professor are now fully vaccinated.

Mereknits said...

Feeling bad after your vaccine is a sign your body is working with it, creating all those antibodies it needs to fight the virus. So glad you got shot number 2 and made a fiber connection. Stay safe.

ellen b. said...

That must be a good feeling having the majority of the repair work from flooding taken care of. How nice that you bumped into the fiber lady. :) Happy Mother's Day to you.

Susan said...

I had a headache for 2 days after my second shot and then fine. Love what you knitted. I can only knit a long scarf. Happy Mother's Day!

Karen said...

Such a lucky baby boy to wear those gorgeous shades of blue! It's neat that you met a fiber friend, unexpectedly. I love when things like that happen:) Happy Mother's Day!

Gattina said...

Are you not anymore in lockdown ? Here it's still the case and that's why we can't visit Mr. G only one person for two hours on sundays !
I keep myself busy with my photos and blog. Now we are allowed to eat and drink outside a restaurant, but it is too cold (at least for me) I so much wished my normal life back !
Since we moved the second lockdown started so I have never had a normal life in the new apartment !Fortunately I love it !

Susanne Sherring said...

Which vaccine did you get, Willow? I hope those side effects are gone soon. Do you have to isolate for 2 days if you get side effects? We do. So glad those repairs from the flooding are getting done for your daughter. I love my library and really miss the hours I spent just browsing all those books!