Friday, May 28, 2021

Summer Begins with Memorial Day Weekend

One thing I love about Fridays is the opportunity to participate in Friday Fave Fives. (follow the link!) FFF is a group of bloggers who choose five events from the past week that focus on a blessing or opportunity to experience or express gratitude.  Believe me, some weeks I need the reminder when I get to Friday.

1.  Just enough rain so I don't have to water the flowers and the gardens.  Twice this week.  And rain means a respite from the exhausting humidity.  Nope, I'm not used to that horrid humidity, yet.

2.  This girl graduated from Kindergarten this week!  Her mom sent a video of PAL leading everyone at the ceremony in reciting the pledge of allegiance.

3.  And this girl young lady is now a high schooler!

4.  An evening bike ride.  Usually, if we are going to ride our bikes, we plan ahead and do it during the day.  But one evening, when it was still light out, we just decided to hop our bikes and take a quick ride.  Spontaneous fun is sometimes the best type of fun!

5.  I'm not sure who is more excited, the students or the teachers.  Today is the last day of homeschool for New Boy.  Today is also Little Warrior's last day in elementary school.

Now it is Memorial Day Weekend, and everyone (in the US) knows what that means*.  Let the summer times begin!

*  And Yes, Memorial Day is also a sober and somber day of remembrance of all those men and women who have fought for our rights and freedoms as a country.  My father and two uncles, my father-in-law, my brother-in-law, my wonderful husband The Professor, and my son have all served in the US military.  I understand the commitment and dedication and sacrifice of all involved.  THANK YOU for helping to make my Memorial Weekend one of cheer and relaxation.


Faith said...

Definitely not summer yet here in Eastern New York! We've had two very hot days with a bit of high humidity but it's not usually humid here in the Hudson valley until mid July and then usually just for a week or so. Same with August-Sept. I love spring weather and we're having a cooler day today. I didn't realize Ohio was humid!!

I love evening bike rides and very early morning ones mainly because then the roads are free from the commuter traffic!

Your granddaughter looks cute in her kindergarten "graduation" attire. and wow....your other granddaughter is growing up so fast! Your grandson looks cute squatting by the fire pit.

I hope you enjoy a relaxing, fun Memorial Day weekend!

Deb J. in Utah said...

Such cute pictures of your grandkids. Glad you had a nice week and I hope that you enjoy the Memorial Day Weekend.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a fun week. We’ve been cold here the last couple of days, and a little rain from time to time as well. Those grandkids are pretty special. Mary

Karen said...

Congratulations to all those school milestones! Love seeing those smiling faces. We need to get our bikes out while the evenings are nice and cool for riding. Good idea! Enjoy your weekend.

Gattina said...

We had a cold and wet week behind us ! Today it looks rather warm and sunny ! That's good for all of us we are still prisoners, only shops and hairdressers are open !

Barbara Harper said...

Wow, the kids have grown so much! It's nice to have enough rain that we don't need to water plants. I've lived in humid weather all my life, and it can still take me out. OTOH, I visited my husband's family when we were dating--in Idaho in the winter, with 11% humidity. My skin just came off in flakes, LOL! Spontaneous fun is fun!

Wendy said...

That's a lot of milestones met this week! Hope you're having a lovely long weekend.

Mereknits said...

Such amazing things to celebrate this week. My father served and I never forget the sacrifice he made, he made it through the war but was never the same due to all he saw. So many lost, so many wounded both physically and mentally. It is good to remember and not just have hot dogs and burgers. Stay safe.

Susanne said...

Wow, lots of school milestones for your grandkids! Lots to celebrate! We actually have a heat warning out until Friday. It's nice but we sure are having "whiplash" weather. No easing into anything here this year.

ellen b. said...

The grands are all so cute and they look happy. Congrats to all. Happy June to you!