Thursday, August 02, 2007

The Cat Communicates

I walked away from my laptop and what did I find when I returned but the cat sitting in the warmest spot he could find.

He had been typing, but erased most of what he had written when he saw me coming and knew he didn't have time to finish. All I have to go on is "QC". Maybe he was IMing his friend "Quick Cat".
Currently he is sitting in another warm spot. Mia is here and wrapped in a furry blanket to ward off the early morning coastal fog dampness and reading Harry Potter. The kitty is on her lap. If she stops petting his head, he gives a little head butt to remind her to keep it up. When you're a Devon Rex and have minimal fur you need to be proficient at finding warm places.

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Barbara said...

Cats the same the world over. I used to have 2 Siamese cats so am well aware of their habits. Yours very cute.