Saturday, August 18, 2007

Saturday Catch up with Knitting Photos

I blocked three of my finished swatches. As you can see by the label this swatch #3 shows my ability to make a slip, slip, purl decrease. I actually did the decrease on the purl side (duh). And because I am a left handed knitter, I had to work the swatch AS IF I WERE KNITTING RIGHT HANDED. These are the rules of the TKGA committee. So, I think I did this correctly. I reversed the decreases and all reversed the left/right position of them. The directions call for the knitter to work the decreases after the 10th stitch. I had to calculate the decrease to be the eleventh stitch from the end of the row so there are ten switches after it. If you are a right handed knitter, please look at the photo closely and tell me if you think it LOOKS correct. Remember that the decrease was done on the wrong side of the work.

In swatch #4, I had to make a purl 2 together through the back loop. Again my swatch in the first submission wasn't accepted because it didn't LOOK like a right handed purl 2tog tbl. So I'm hoping that this swatch does. What do you think?

In this swatch #5, I had a pattern to follow that used various yarn overs. These had to be worked to LOOK like right handed knitting.

Here is a lovely specimen. My sister in law, Seedlady, brought these two tomatoes over this evening. We ate the smaller one and she took the larger one home again. They were photographed on a 9" plastic plate. Seedlady wanted to know how much they weighed, so I jumped on our bathroom scales and weighed in, got off and then hopped on again with the tomatoes in my hand and reweighed. The two tomatoes were 3 1/2 lbs!

Yesterday I went to the Gerry Ranch and picked six quarts of fresh blueberries. They are already in the freezer, waiting to be pulled out this winter for pies, crisps and smoothies. We went back this evening and each of us picked two more quarts. They are sweet and yummy and so good for us! How fortunate I am that my dear long time friends own a blueberry ranch five miles from my house and that they are so generous with their cash crop!


roxie said...

Patterns are written for right-handed knitters, so if you don't work them tp look the way they were written, then you won't get the intended results. Your decreases may slant the wrong way, or your yarn-overs may fall in the wrong place. Aggrevatin' ain't it? this is why you should move on to making your own patterns as soon as ever you can.

Barbara said...

Thanks for your comments. I will definitely continue to blog, I love it too much to stop. I am just needing to find a balance.
Wow, they are some tomatoes.
Like your swatches. Are just beginning with knitting?
I have knitted since a teenager but recently started on a course where you get a magazine, ball of wool and a pattern every week for 90 weeks. On ends up with a beautiful throw. My daughter (from under the maple) is doing it in order to learn to knit. It is brilliant for that. For me I just thought it would be fun. There are still things that I am learning though. Have you clicked on "knitting " in my post. Lots of baby clothes mostly.

Barbara said...

You really are at professional level then.

Life is a Marathon said...

I can attest to the yummy-ness of the blueberries! They were awesome! Will and I enjoyed our time with you and John very much! Thanks for sharing!!