Saturday, August 11, 2007

One Last Time

Thursday I had to make a quick trip from Los Angeles to Camarillo and back because I had an interview for a teaching position. I was feeling a bit hurried on the way up; the 405 Fwy North was packed with cars and going slowly. I really didn't want to be late for the interview. I made it with five minutes to spare.
On the way back to LA, I enjoyed a more leisurely drive, mocha frap in hand to celebrate a good interview.
The coastline from southern Ventura County to mid Los Angeles County has some of the most beautiful scenery in the world. By the prices of the real estate and the number of famous people who live along this stretch of Pacific Coast Highway, I think a lot of people agree with me.

Mile after mile of this:

and this:

The changing moods of the ocean, the varied beach and rocky coastline, the boats and a dolphin sighting made it difficult for me to keep my eyes on the road.

I stopped a couple of times to snap these photos, but I did have to get back in time to pick up John and meet Mike for dinner, so at a stoplight at Trancas Canyon Road, I just rolled down the window, pointed the camera, and shot.

From Pt. Mugu, through the 27 miles of Malibu, past Pacific Palisades, to Santa Monica, on bluffs high above the sea, along the beach just ten feet above the waves, I drove, until I could see the outline of the whole South Bay down to Palos Verdes Peninsula.

I'm sure over the next years, I will continue to drive the Pacific Coast Highway occasionally since Mike and many of our friends live in the beach cities. It will never be a burden to make the drive, not with these views.

Then we drove PCH once more last night, north, back home. We're so glad to be home.


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous pictures! I also love driving up and down the coast.

ancient one said...

Love,love your beach pictures. Never get tired of seeing the ocean. Beautiful!!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pics! I enjoyed our chat at Palermo's last night! Kristin