Saturday, August 25, 2007

A Little Peek

Thank you all who have inquired about my thumb. It's much better, almost healed. It's amazing how quickly a thumb will heal when the sliver of glass has been removed from it.
We have been busy here at Willow's Cottage with repairs and chores. This sweet family came yesterday to help with laying tile on the front steps. While they were here we celebrated son #2's birthday with homemade brownies. Sorry, no photos. They're all gone. Son #1 grew six inches this summer. I hardly recognized him. I snapped this picture when we were on our way to the swimming pool.

This afternoon after a quick shopping trip for Trader Joe's necessities and buttons for the Joaquin Baby Sweater, I stopped for a cup of tea. I must be having a nostalgic day. I never choose this cup. It is the last piece of my mother's first set of china. Usually Mama Mia drinks her tea in it when she visits. But I am pleased with the old fashioned design today and of course the cup is filled with Twining's Earl Grey tea.

And here is a sneak peek. Our living room furniture was delivered today. We received a call Thursday to tell us it had arrived from the factory ahead of schedule. Just a little peek here of the colors. We are still arranging and rearranging.

Other friends came last Sunday and took away the last two bookcases. Still to sell to grateful owners--one electric lawn mower and one white electric refrigerator.
It is good that we are fairly nicely settled in as The Professor has already been attending faculty meetings and has his first class Monday night and my first staff meeting is scheduled for Tuesday morning.


Barbara said...

Glad your thumb is better. The background of the photo on the way for a swim I can just glimpse California! The houses are pretty.

Your son is tall.

When I drink tea in the garden tomorrow I will remember you are there with me. My Grandson is coming for the day so I am really looking forward to that.
I have 2 Lacecaps. The white one has a kind of lavender centre but I really like the pink one.Hope you enjoyed your tea.

Anonymous said...

wow the boys are really growing up!